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07 Nov

Life In Panama Is Not What You Think It Is… For Better Or Worse

My #1 Property Investment Market For 2023 I was the first person to tell people about Panama... at least in the context of a top option for North Americans looking for a place to live better for less in retirement. I named Panama as a top overseas investment option before anyone else, but, full disclosure, [...]
16 Aug
View of the financial district and sea in Panama City, Panama.

Why Investing In Panama’s Real Estate Is So Compelling

If you’re a subscriber to my Global Property Advisor, your latest issue is in your inbox. I recommend you take a close look. This month we reveal our first-ever Global Property Investment Index. This is a giant research project. My team and I spent months rating and ranking the world’s best real estate markets. The […]

23 Oct
Why Investing In Panama City Today Is A Different Ballgame

Why Investing In Panama City Today Is A Different Ballgame

Making Money In Panama City Today—Here’s Where To Buy I didn’t realize it at the time, but, when I bought a pre-construction apartment on Panama City’s Avenida Balboa 13 years ago, I was taking a position at a dramatic turning point in the history of Panama City’s property market. The Americans left Panama in 1999, […]

12 Jan
2017 will be a great year for Investors in Panama.

Here’s What’s In Store For Expats and Investors In Panama In 2017

We’ve been making the case for Panama for nearly 20 years now, and we’re more bullish on the opportunities and upsides on offer in the Hub of the Americas than ever before. Panama could arguably be called the world’s best offshore haven. No doubt the country offers serious pluses for those looking for a full, […]

19 Mar
how to invest overseas

How And Where To Invest In Property Overseas

“Any overseas property investment you make should be safe, simple, enjoyable, and profitable…” –Jeff Matthews at this week’s Global Property Summit Why would you want to buy a piece of real estate overseas? That’s where we began the discussions during the opening presentations for Lief Simon’s Global Property Summit, taking place this week in the […]

29 Oct
CD Investment Options In Panama, Mongolia, And Colombia

CD Investment Options In Panama, Mongolia, And Colombia

CD Rates As High As 12% With U.S. and European banks offering interest rates on savings of less than 1% (meaning you're losing money after inflation), you're not alone if you're looking for alternative places to stash your cash. Where in the world can you get better rates than U.S. banks will pay you? It [...]