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04 Apr
Landscape scenery of road by the lough inagh with mountains in the background at Connemara National park in county Galway, Ireland

What Is Your Deal-Breaker?

It’s becoming harder and harder to determine what is the First World and what is—to use the politically correct term—the developing world. I spent time working in the developing world in the mid-‘90s. Chad might not have even been considered developing when I was there. The capital city N’Djamena had an international airport but not [...]
28 Mar
Reine, Lofoten, Norway. The village of Reine under a sunny, blue sky, with the typical rorbu houses.

Where Is The Best Place To Escape To In A Crisis?

The existence of so many independent “nation states” across the world… “countries” the way we think of them today… is a relatively new phenomenon in history. The idea that every ethnic or social group should have its own independent national government and geographical homeland… this idea has been very successful in the last century. But [...]
11 Mar
Porto, Portugal

Why Portugal

Europe is comprised of 51 countries, and the EU includes 27. Among these, Portugal is one of the best options for anyone looking for a place to live, to invest, or to formulate a Plan B in Europe. Last year the country made headlines for enacting policy changes that impacted its desirability as a retirement [...]
07 Mar
Blue skies and the view of a white church on a shore in Protaras, Cyprus

An A-Grade Plan B Option

Cyprus—north and south—is dead center of my radar. Property markets across this island nation are not only among the world’s best bargains… But they also offer tremendous upside in terms of both cash flow and appreciation, near and long term. However, Cyprus is not only a top investment option. It’s also an A-level choice for what I like [...]
15 Jan

The Land Of Promise

You know I’ve been bullish on Panama for years. Long-term, Panama will be one of the main global business hubs, competing with Singapore and Dubai… All in all, Panama is a country where you should consider “planting a flag.” Panama uses the U.S. dollar, so you won’t get any currency diversification, but for many people [...]
11 Dec
Sunrise at Caye Caulker Island Belize

Why You Want A Dog In Belize

It’s Not For The Reason You Might Think… One of the questions I am most frequently asked about Belize is… Is it really safe? Unlike Mexico, Guatemala, and other countries in the region, Belize has no organized crime. In Belize, no drug cartels are fighting for dominance or control… This sleepy little country seems too [...]
04 Dec
How To Miss Opportunities Overseas

How To Miss Opportunities Overseas

“Where will people buy their groceries?” That was the first question one of the civil engineers we engaged asked at the very beginning of the planning for our residential development on the Azuero Sunset Coast of Panama—Los Islotes. She had never been to this part of the country, but she knew it didn’t have much, [...]
20 Nov
Scandinavian Mountains, Norway. global crisis

A “Way Out” From Global Crisis

Are you looking for a “way out”? With everything that’s going on in the world… war in the Middle East… war in Ukraine… seemingly endless political dysfunction in the United States… we could all be forgiven for wanting an escape. I’m not talking about a vacation… I’m talking about a “bolthole” where you feel safe. [...]
30 Oct
Historic town of Perast at Bay of Kotor in summer, Montenegro. golden visa options

You’re Owed A Golden Parachute

The world is on the brink. War in the Middle East… The United States has issued a rare “Global Terror Alert” in the wake of events in Israel and Gaza. War in Russia and Ukraine… The Biden administration has plowed 60 billion dollars into this conflict so far—with no end in sight. Far from protecting [...]
04 Sep
Volcano Batur in Bali. golden visa

Should You Ignore Bali’s New Golden Visa?

The places that are the most popular locations for tourists to visit… and might even be on your own “bucket list”… don’t always make the best places to live full-time. That should be obvious. If you’re on vacation yourself, you might not mind joining crowds of other vacationers on the beaches in Cancún… or in [...]