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Category: Residency

08 May
How Residency Rules Affect Your Second Passport Process

How Residency Rules Affect Your Second Passport Process

It wasn’t until after my son Jackson was born, nearly 18 years ago, that the idea of a second citizenship crossed my mind. Jackson was born while we were living in Ireland. As a result, he was both a U.S. citizen and an Irish citizen automatically. In fact, he obtained his Irish passport before he […]

06 Mar

Why A Second Passport Is Today’s Smartest Protection Plan

Don’t Tell ICE, But My Name Is Ommar What do a British school teacher, a Russian Playboy model, and Muhammad Ali Junior have in common? They’ve all been stopped by U.S. immigration. The British school teacher was barred from boarding a flight from Reykjavik to New York. He’s a British citizen, but he’s Muslim... And [...]
09 Feb
the manana attitude and expectations overseas

Managing Your Expectations When Doing Business Overseas

Your Only Defense In The Developing World A talk show host in the U.K. has Julio Iglesias on as a guest. He starts talking to him about the Spanish language... They come around to the word mañana, and the host asks Julio what, exactly, it means to a Spanish speaker. Julio responds to explain that, [...]
01 Sep
World's Easiest Residency Programs

Our Official List Of The World’s Easiest Residency Programs

Live and Invest Overseas’ annual Retire Overseas Conference wrapped up here in Las Vegas last night. This is primarily a lifestyle event; the focus is on where and how to live or retire overseas. However, the number of people at this year’s event asking questions about opportunities for back-up residencies and second citizenships was significant… […]