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17 Aug
Panama City, Panama. offshore tips

Video Reveals “Secret” Offshore Tips

You’re running out of time. If you want to join me… and my top contacts in banking, residency, and investment overseas… There’s not much time left to book your spot at my Offshore Wealth Summit, taking place on Sept. 20 to 22 in Panama City. (Watch my video where I reveal the “Secret Strategies” you’ll [...]
09 May
banking crisis

Why You Should Look Beyond Stocks

The Trouble With Stocks Times of war, political upheaval, economic turmoil... are also the times that can destroy fortunes. We're living in these times right now. I don't need to tell you. The largest war in Europe since World War II... Talk of World War III if China tries to grab Taiwan (and the U.S. [...]
05 May
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How To Protect Yourself From The Banking Crisis

Buckle up. Interesting times lie ahead. A few days ago, America had its third bank failure in just the past two months—First Republic failed and was acquired by J.P. Morgan… First Republic is the second largest U.S. bank ever to fail… a title that was held until Monday by Silicon Valley Bank, which—if you remember—collapsed […]

30 May
Woman giving cash money to male customer

Structuring Cash Deposits Is Illegal

Structures Versus Structuring The IRS was in the news a while ago for confiscating the bank accounts of small businesses operating mostly on a cash basis. One restaurant owner had her bank account frozen by the IRS. She had US$33,000 in the account, which represented the entirety of her operating capital. Effectively, the IRS put her out [...]