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Category: Banking

10 Mar
A man using online bank account

How To Open An Offshore Bank Account

Last year, Lief hosted his Global Asset Protection and Wealth Summit in Panama City. On day one of the conference, he and I had lunch with banker friends in town. One, with 30 years of experience in the global banking industry, sat down, looked around the table, and said: “I wish I hadn’t been so […]

25 Feb
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Structuring Cash Deposits Is Illegal

The IRS was in the news a little while ago for confiscating the bank accounts of small businesses operating mostly on a cash basis. One restaurant owner had her bank account frozen by the IRS. She had US$33,000 in the account, which represented the entirety of her operating capital. Effectively, the IRS put her out […]

31 Jan

Repatriating Funds From Overseas: Transfers, Taxes, And More

One important thing to consider when investing in another country is requirements or restrictions related to repatriating your funds if and when you decide to sell the investment. Sometimes, transferring money out of a country isn’t as simple as calling your bank and initiating a wire transfer. Some jurisdictions, including Colombia and Brazil, for example, […]

27 Apr
belize and us dollars

Atlantic Bank International Account-Holders Must Read This

The Long Arm Of U.S. Regulatory Agencies Creates More Problems For Americans Offshore Last year, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) shut down a development project in Belize. The development had been marketing via TV infomercials in the States. The commercials must have been moving a lot of real estate... enough to get the attention [...]