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Our Team

Lief Simon, Editor, Offshore Living Letter
Lief Simon
Director and editor for the Offshore Living Letter, sharing his first-hand experiences navigating the offshore world as an investor, property buyer, and ex-IRS Enrolled Agent.
Kathleen Peddicord, Founding Publisher
Kathleen Peddicord
Publisher and founder of Offshore Living Letter and its parent company, Live and Invest Overseas. Kathleen is regarded as one of the foremost experts on living and investing abroad.
Kat Kalashian, Senior Editor, Special Projects
Kat Kalashian
Maintaining the highest writing and editorial standards in the industry, Kat and her editorial staff make sure the facts are facts and that opportunities and actions are clear and concise.
Victoria Harmer, Eletter Production Manager
Victoria Harmer
Her desire to discover and explore pastures new grew, have led her to Thailand, Australia, Panama, Portugal, Germany, Bali, and beyond.