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14 Dec
Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Don’t Risk Your Retirement By Not Investing In Cryptocurrency

The risk of owning cryptocurrency is pretty simple. You could lose money… but that’s a risk that comes with any investment. Every sane crypto investor understands this going in. But what about the risks of not owning cryptocurrencies? Those are very real too… What if bitcoin ownership goes from less than 1% to 10%? How […]

07 Dec
EU Blacklist Countries 2

EU Blacklists 17 Tax Havens, Another 47 On Gray List

The EU has this week released a short list of 17 countries it is officially putting on notice because of their taxation policies. Panama is on that list. So is South Korea… as well as the U.S. territories of American Samoa and Guam. In addition to this so-called blacklist, the EU has also named 47 […]

27 Nov
dominican republic sunrise

Why I’m Applying For Residency In The Dominican Republic

This Country Ticks All The Go-Offshore Boxes About 18 months ago I began the process of applying for residency and citizenship in the Dominican Republic. My attorney in the DR contacted me last month to let me know that my naturalization paperwork is almost ready. How soon could I make it back to the country [...]
09 Nov
How I Learned Diversifying Overseas Was Key To Success

How I Learned Diversifying Overseas Was Key To Success

How Argentina's Currency Crash Supercharged My Life My first real overseas living experience was in Argentina in 1994. The drilling company I was working for had already sent me on two overseas assignments by that time, in Chad and western Kazakhstan. However, those had been short stints (six weeks apiece), and in each case I [...]
06 Nov
Investing In Wine In France

Investing In Wine In France: A Good (And Tasty) Venture

Lief Simon's Secret French Passions Kathleen and I are in Paris for six weeks. We seldom have the luxury of so much time in one place. How to fill our free days, I wondered when we arrived... Ah, ha, I thought. I'll reorganize the cave. A French cave is an underground area for storage. It's not like a [...]
23 Oct
Why Investing In Panama City Today Is A Different Ballgame

Why Investing In Panama City Today Is A Different Ballgame

Making Money In Panama City Today—Here’s Where To Buy I didn’t realize it at the time, but, when I bought a pre-construction apartment on Panama City’s Avenida Balboa 13 years ago, I was taking a position at a dramatic turning point in the history of Panama City’s property market. The Americans left Panama in 1999, […]

19 Oct
A $100 bill puzzle missing several pieces to signify it is becoming weaker.

The Strong Dollar Is Diminishing… It’s Time To Diversify

Your Dollar Advantage Window Is Closing I typically ignore exchange rates when making an investment in another country… especially when making an investment in real estate in another country. Trying to time short-term exchange rates to eke out a few more of whatever the local currency is when transferring money isn’t worth losing a property […]

12 Oct
investment in colombia

3 Perfectly Timed Investment Opportunities In Colombia

Three Ways To Cash In This Peace Dividend Last week a friend forwarded a report on Colombia issued by a U.S. investment group. The group is enthusiastically bullish on Colombia and finally prepared to recommend the country in the wake of the ceasefire agreed with the National Liberation Army (ELN). The Colombian government had already [...]