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Category: Investing

24 Aug

My Simple (And Ever-Evolving) Strategy To Property Investing

What’s Your Property Investing Strategy? Here’s Mine… When I first started out investing in real estate overseas, my personal investment process was less refined than it is today. Twenty years ago when I got started at this, I would scout a new location to see what opportunities were available, and, because I could almost always [...]
17 Aug
pile of gold coins and jewelry

Moving Gold And Jewelry In Today’s Market: Profit Or Pitfall?

All That Glitters—Is It Gold? Ever since the discovery of precious metals as a means of payment, wealth storage, and vanity, there have been forgers trying to replace the valuable metals with lesser ones to make a higher profit. Early attempts may seem crude from today's perspective, but they worked for quite a long time, [...]
10 Aug
Mexico's Riviera Maya

Mexico’s Riviera Maya Is A Convenient Coastal Investment

This Is The Sweet Spot For Investment On This Coast Right Now I first scouted the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico for real estate investment opportunities some 15 years ago, when the Costa Maya was just coming on to the world’s radar. The Costa Maya has developed some since I first looked at the region, but [...]
20 Jul
Man holding small piggy bank in his hands

Your Investments Are About You, After All It Is YOUR Money

A developer I work with in Brazil wrote to me this week to say that several recent reservations he’s received from would-be American buyers have been cancelled after the buyers have spoken with their financial advisors. Reasons these financial advisors have counseled their clients to pull out of purchases after having signed contracts include: It’s […]

26 Jun
Overseas Property Purchase

How To Vet An Overseas Property Purchase (And Avoid Being Taken!)

Vetting Your Next Overseas Property Purchase An attendee at last week’s Offshore Wealth Summit asked for specific recommendations for how to carry out due diligence on real estate investment opportunities abroad. He knows how to do his due diligence for real estate purchases back home, where he is an active investor, he explained, but he is just [...]
08 Jun
Avocado Plantation Investment

New Organic Avocado Plantation Investment Returns 16% Annually

Panama Avocado Plantation Sold Out—This Is Your Last Chance To Get In As I remind you often, when you find a flag-planting opportunity that interests you, you should take advantage of it while it's available because, in the offshore world, things change. Usually, when I make this point I'm referring to residency programs, banking opportunities, [...]