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25 May
live and invest overseas conference

Highlights From Our 2017 Dominican Republic Conference

Why This Is My Favorite Offshore Haven Right Now These folks weren’t fooling around. The crowd in the room for last week’s Live and Invest in the Dominican Republic Conference (our biggest to date) was the savviest and best prepared I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know. Some had taken steps to push their [...]
18 May
Handling Property Titling In The Dominican Republic

Handling Property Titling In The Dominican Republic

Back In The DR Where The Property Buys Are Better Than Ever I write from Santo Domingo, where I’m hosting this week’s Live and Invest in the Dominican Republic Conference. We have a sell-out crowd in the room, our biggest turnout for any DR event to date. I’m not surprised. This country has been at [...]
20 Apr
investing in medellin

Why Big Investors And Future Innovators Are Sold On Medellín

A bad reputation, even one that’s completely undeserved, can be a hard thing to overcome. When I made my first visit to Colombia in 2010, people were astonished that I was daring to venture to the city where Pablo Escobar reigned and members of his Medellín Cartel were certain to kidnap me. Pablo Escobar was […]

06 Apr
The Best Pre-Construction Properties Panama Has To Offer

The Best Pre-Construction Properties Panama Has To Offer

How Forced Appreciation Can Lead To 100% Returns I spent last weekend in the United States, in Atlanta and then Miami, where Access Panama Director Evie Brooks and I hosted a series of two one-day Access Panama Workshops. These new workshops are meant to give people a general overview on living and investing in Panama... [...]
23 Mar
In addition to stocks and bonds (and the mutual funds that invest in them), any investor with capital has opportunities to invest in many other assets.

Global Property Investing Made Easy—Here’s How

How do you make money investing in real estate overseas? And, as important, how can you lose money investing this way? The three-dozen global real estate experts who have joined us in Panama for this week’s Global Property Summit have been answering both those questions from firsthand, real-world experience. In addition, with their help, we’ve […]

20 Mar
Owning real estate offshore

2 Critical Reasons Global Property Is Today’s Big Opportunity

24 Ways To Earn Up To 22% Per Year From Property Overseas In Panama City with us today are colleagues, friends, and real estate investment professionals from around the globe. Day 1 of this week’s Global Property Summit has been a tour of the most compelling opportunities for owning real estate in Brazil, Argentina, Panama, [...]
16 Mar
Colombia: One Of The World’s Most Attractive Investment Markets

Why Consider Investing In Colombia Before It’s Too Late

Sneak Peek At Next Month’s Private Show In Colombia I look for any excuse to spend time in Medellín. My wife has finished the apartment we bought here in 2011 to a luxury standard (why not, we figured, when we realized that luxury comes at a very affordable price here), and the city itself is, [...]
09 Mar
Five Flags: Comparing Panama And Portugal

Five Flags: Comparing Panama And Portugal’s Citizenship, Residency, Real Estate, And Taxes

Americans tend to dismiss Europe for offshore lifestyle and investment options, thinking this part of the world is too complicated or too expensive. The truth is that some European countries can be cheaper than destinations that might much sooner come to mind for obtaining residency or investing in real estate. Portugal is one of them. […]

23 Feb
2017 will be a great year for Investors in Panama.

Why Panama’s Economy Is In A League Of Its Own

The Powerhouse That Is Panama "What’s the first word that comes to mind when you hear ‘Panama’?" full-time Panama expat Charles Conn asked the crowd in Panama City the last afternoon at the Live and Invest in Panama Conference last week. "The Canal," replied the audience. "Another thing you probably think of are hats," continued [...]