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04 Jun
numismatics collection precious metals coins

Numismatics: Precious Metal Investment With A Major Upside

My Escape Wealth Plan—Why I’ve Begun Buying Numismatics We Americans must report every asset we hold overseas to the U.S. government… with two exceptions. Two foreign assets remain non-reportable to the IRS and company—real estate titled in your personal name and precious metals held in an allocated manner. “Allocated” precious metals could be gold bars [...]
01 Jun
stock market warning signs

Avoid The Current Bull Trap With This Stock

Don't FOMO Into The Rekt Club The COVID-19 crisis continues to pressure the labor market. Last week, an additional 2.1 million Americans filed for unemployment, pushing the real jobless rate to 24%. That's the highest number since the Great Depression. What's weird about this is that, at the same time, the stock market keeps climbing [...]
13 Apr
hydroponic cantalope growing

Hydroponics Investment In Panama: Diversify For Fast Returns

Bold New Turn-key Investment In Agriculture Could Be The Most Profitable Discovery Of My Career It can seem a contradiction, but, while the coronavirus crisis has many of us locked up in our homes, the opportunity for action is great. Indeed, I am acting today on what I believe is the most promising and will [...]
02 Apr
coronavirus and money

Two Things To Check Before Investing During The Coronavirus

This Is The Time To Get Rich "F.E.A.R. has two meanings—Forget Everything And Run, or, Face Everything And Rise. The choice is yours." I love this quote so much. It applies to almost every challenge we face in life. Including the one investors face right now. There aren't many who would dare to buy stocks [...]
30 Mar
organic mango farm

My Private Webinar Has The Best Recession-Proof Investments

Here's How We Ride Out This Storm The markets are in chaos... And so is daily life... or, at least, it's dramatically different from what we're used to. What can you do with all of this free time on your hands? I have a solution... and it's much more worthwhile (and profitable) than watching the [...]
26 Mar

Invest In Truffles For Big Returns Not Tied To The Stock Market

What To Do With Your Money Now—3 Top Alternative Investments No doubt about it... most investors are experiencing one heck of a roller coaster ride right now. Good thing we're not most investors. Our productive land investments are looking more attractive than ever. People are still eating and, more important, will need to continue to [...]
16 Mar
mango orchard, mango on a tree

Why An Agricultural Investment Is A Crisis Safe Haven

World Borders Are Closing... Here's What You Need To Know When the doors closed, they closed fast and hard. Panama has stopped all flights from Europe and Asia. Germany has closed its land borders to all traffic except goods and people commuting for work. Poland had already closed its border with Germany in an effort [...]
20 Feb
salinas beach town in ecuador

Investing In Beachfront And City Real Estate In Ecuador

Latin Beauties And A Police Shoot-out I traveled to Ecuador for the first time in 1999. This was before the country dollarized. The sucre fell from about 7,000 to the U.S. dollar to 24,000 to the U.S. dollar that year. Meantime, El Niño had devastated Ecuador's coastal regions, contributing to the economic chaos. Chaos breeds [...]