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12 Mar
Black and white cartoon of a stressed man reading a sheet of paper.

3 Situations To Avoid When Diversifying Your Life Offshore

Three Cautionary Tales—How Not To Go Offshore I'm hearing regularly from readers struggling with how, specifically, to get started planning and benefiting from a life diversified offshore. Should they start with a second residency... many want to know... Or an offshore bank account? Is a property purchase a good initial step... or would it be [...]
08 Feb
bitcoin in pocket

Revealed: The Only Crypto Investment Strategy That Makes Sense

Editor’s Note: Cryptocurrency is impossible to avoid these days: News of hacks, government squeezes, and fluctuating markets has saturated the media, with the world and his wife offering their two cents. Whether you’re a naysayer or blockchain enthusiast, my team strives to keep you as informed as possible on the subject. To that end, we […]

11 Jan

10 Best Places To Buy Real Estate Overseas In 2018

Lief Simon Names The 10 Best Property Markets For 2018 In today's complicated world, international property stands out more strongly than ever among investment options because it is both a hard asset and one of the best current opportunities for generating cash flow while building real, long-term wealth. Whether you're contemplating a first purchase overseas [...]
28 Dec
Best Places To Go Offshore in 2017

The 5 Best Places To Go Offshore And Diversify In 2018

Lief Simon Names The World's Best Places To Go Offshore In 2018 The offshore world is ever-changing. Legislation, regulation, incentives, bureaucracy, and market fundamentals shift the terrain for where could be considered the best places to open an offshore bank account, base a business, diversify your investment portfolio, or establish backup residency, for example. In [...]