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24 Aug
tropical beach palm trees in panama

Exclusive Real Estate Opportunity In Panama From $49,000

How I’m Profiting From Panama’s Exploding Middle Class Tourism may be on hold around the world for now, but in some markets the real estate profit opportunities operate completely outside the tourism sector. These are deals that boast a real return at a time when you need it most. To that end, let's look at [...]
20 Aug
lagos in portugal, aerial view of town

Currency Considerations To Make Buying Real Estate Overseas

Currency Risks And Rewards When Buying Property Overseas One big and important difference between buying real estate for cash flow in the United States and buying real estate for cash flow overseas is that often the cash flows in a different currency. This is a potential upside and also a potential risk. In 2015, we [...]
17 Aug
montengro boka kotor

How To Ensure Your Overseas Real Estate Buy Is A Success

Why I Don't Like Other People’s Money "It's perfect. I'll take it. How much is it?" So said the Irish hairdresser to the Montenegrin real estate agent. The agent was touring the young woman through an apartment for sale in the medieval town of Kotor. The woman didn't get past the entryway before making her [...]
13 Aug
a house by the sea mediterranean

Top 3 Buy To Flip Markets For Real Estate Overseas

3 Best Buy-To-Flip Markets Overseas Buying to flip is a common real estate investment strategy in the United States that doesn’t make sense in most of the rest of the world where leverage isn’t easy and the costs of buying and selling are typically too great to make the math work. The option is to [...]
06 Aug
Small town in the Mediterranean

Why I Don’t Recommend Investing In REIT Real Estate Deals

Suddenly Everyone's Recommending Real Estate—But They're Missing The Payoff After being poked fun at by stock market gurus for 25 years because I have 95% or more of my assets in real estate, right now, I have to admit, I'm feeling something that might be described as vindicated. I don't mean to rub the current [...]
16 Jul
Caribbean town by the sea

What You Need to Know: Global Real Estate Investing

Take This Reality Check Before Making Any Property Purchase Overseas World events are creating chaos and uncertainty… which is translating into the greatest opportunity of our lifetimes to own real estate overseas. The currency discounts alone are irresistible. However, if you’re considering (as we strongly recommend you should be right now) diversifying into foreign property [...]
13 Jul
st johns point in ireland

5 Properties To Watch On Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

Market Update: Ireland—Time Again To Buy? 2020 was never meant to be a strong year for the Irish property market. Good news for you, dear foreign property buyer… Remember, long before coronavirus, there was the little matter of Brexit next door. And on Jan. 31, with terms still to be agreed, the UK officially walked [...]
09 Jul
portugal seaside town

Stake Your Claim: Global Real Estate Is On Sale, Right Now

Just Released: Lief Simon's Report On Crisis Cash Flow Opportunities 2020 has been a beast. The events of this year have left most people paralyzed as to what to do next... which I'd say is great news for you and me. While everyone else hunkers down and hopes for the best, I'm taking advantage of [...]
06 Jul
beach and apartments brazil

Identifying Overseas Property Investments During A Travel Ban

You Need To Be Diversifying Into Hard Assets Overseas Right Now—How Can You Do That In The Face Of COVID-19 Travel Restrictions? Traveling to make a real estate purchase in another country is complicated if not impossible right now. COVID-19 restrictions mean Americans can't go anywhere in Europe. Panama has again extended its ban on [...]
29 Jun
caribbean beach in Panama

Invest In The Top Independent Living Option In Latin America

New Independent Living Community In Panama Is A Sweet-Spot Opportunity For Us Global Property Investors In 2018, the number of people aged over 65 living in the United States was 52 million. That's expected to double by 2060. Americans are also living longer than ever. While the average life expectancy of a United States citizen [...]