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Category: Real Estate

19 Feb
Aerial view of Carmelita, Belize

A Little-Known Escape

Today I’d like to speak with you about a little-known escape in Belize… Over the past few years, amid the pandemic and civil unrest and political upheaval in too much of the world, this little slice of paradise has been sought out by in-the-know freedom seekers. These savvy folks had an “aha! moment,” and suddenly [...]
04 Jan
Aerial view of Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece

5 Undervalued Places To Buy Abroad

High prices, a high mortgage rate, and dwindling supply… Prospective homebuyers in the United States face a near-impossible situation, and home sales are suffering as a result. They’re at their lowest levels in 13 years. Instead of waiting on a frozen market to thaw, those interested in buying property for lifestyle or investment should look [...]
01 Jan
Belize Cayes - Small tropical island at Barrier Reef with paradise beach

Key West Without Florida Prices

Jimmy Buffett found his island escape when he relocated to sunny, sand-fringed Key West, FL, from Nashville, TN, in the early 70s. He’d been trying to make it in Nashville’s music scene, but with his unique style that wasn’t quite country and wasn’t quite rock, he didn’t have much success. Everything changed after a busking [...]
25 Dec
100% Profits With A Little-Known Company

100% Profits With A Little-Known Company

We’re all looking for a “sure thing.” An investment we know is going to make us money—no matter what. Not long ago, people thought the stock market could only go up. The S&P 500 in 2022 showed—yet again—why you should never rely on stocks to always go up. The market was down nearly 20% for [...]
18 Dec
Big Changes In Portugal

3 Big Changes In Portugal

From record-breaking international interest to the cancellation of the highly popular real estate investment category of its golden visa program, Portugal has had a whirlwind 2023. Does this country still make sense for property investors as we make our way into 2024? We’re putting together an event in April next year that can help you answer [...]
04 Dec
How To Miss Opportunities Overseas

How To Miss Opportunities Overseas

“Where will people buy their groceries?” That was the first question one of the civil engineers we engaged asked at the very beginning of the planning for our residential development on the Azuero Sunset Coast of Panama—Los Islotes. She had never been to this part of the country, but she knew it didn’t have much, [...]
09 Nov
Puente de Piedra, Logroño, Spain

11% Yields In Spanish Wine Country

We could debate the best country in Europe on several counts, such as natural beauty, economics, doing business, or investing in properties… But Spain can’t be matched for lifestyle. With its amazing food and wine culture, laid-back ambiance, and warm weather, you’ll find no other country quite like it. And there’s no better place to enjoy [...]
06 Nov
Ocean Views… A Beach Bar… And Getting In Early. los islotes

An Unexpected Opportunity On Panama’s Coast

In 2008, my husband Lief and I made the most important investment of our lives. After scouting the globe, we made an offer on a piece of land on Panama’s Veraguas coast. It was an oceanside finca known as Los Islotes. We recognized Los Islotes as unique… on the Azuero Peninsula, in Panama, and in [...]
04 Sep
Volcano Batur in Bali. golden visa

Should You Ignore Bali’s New Golden Visa?

The places that are the most popular locations for tourists to visit… and might even be on your own “bucket list”… don’t always make the best places to live full-time. That should be obvious. If you’re on vacation yourself, you might not mind joining crowds of other vacationers on the beaches in Cancún… or in [...]