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07 Nov
beach coast coconut trees

The Best Way To Start Developing Your Property Overseas

Part of my long-term offshore lifestyle and diversification strategy includes a beach house in Panama at the Los Islotes residential community my wife Kathleen and I have been developing on this country’s western Azuero coast. I’ve been involved in different ways in dozens of developments like Los Islotes in more than two-dozen countries over the past […]

14 Oct
brazil beach real estate

The Best Places To Buy Real Estate Overseas In 2019

Lief Simon's 4 Favorite Overseas Property Markets Today I'm all in on real estate overseas. It's the cornerstone of my investment portfolio and of my personal Freedom Plan. In our world today, international property stands out more strongly than ever among investment options because it is both a hard asset and one of the best [...]
23 Sep
Casco Viejo aerial view

The Dangers Buying Leveraged And Pre-Construction Property

Win Huge Or Lose It All—Using Leverage When Investing In Property Overseas At a conference 20 years ago, an elderly gentleman came up to me after I’d presented a real estate investment opportunity to say he didn’t invest in real estate anymore. I figured it was because, at his age, he probably wasn’t buying any [...]
12 Aug
Kuba island in Nicaragua

Why International Real Estate Investing Isn’t For Everybody

Cherif Vs. Lief—Reasons To Avoid An Overseas Real Estate Investment A reader got in touch recently to say: "Lief, I have seen a posting online from Cherif Medawar on international real estate investing. It appears to contradict your group's continued advice on international investments. I'm forwarding it to you for a response because it shows [...]
08 Aug
Money balanced on a scale opposite bricks that read risk

The 2 Rules To Minimize Risk When Buying Real Estate

What Kind Of Risk-Taker Are You? Risk-taking is personal. Everyone has their own thresholds. Most people take few risks in their lives. They go with the comfortable job, make the safe investments, and stay within the lines with whatever they’re doing. Over the years, I’ve learned that education can be a game changer when it [...]
15 Jul
A for rent sign outside a nice property

Why I Never Buy Rental Property Based On Gross Yields

This Is The Only Way To Compare One Overseas Property Investment Option With Another How to compare one investment to another… one property to another… one return to another? These are constant challenges of the global property investor. Everyone has his opinion and strategy, including developers and promotors of real estate investments. Fortunately, some basic [...]
16 May
panama City downtown at sunset

Should You Invest In Panama’s Middle-Class Housing Market?

The Best Way I Know To Make Money From Real Estate This month’s issue of my Global Property Alert has a theme: It reveals a series of opportunities that share a common target market—the local middle class. When I moved to Panama 11 years ago, a local friend gave me a tip… “Get into the local housing [...]
09 May
Beaech in Brazil

Why I’m Freeing Up Funds To Buy Beachfront Lots In Brazil

Why I'm Doubling Down On Brazil (And This Is Your Last Chance To Do The Same) For the past few years, I've been working systematically to consolidate my existing real estate holdings... while, at the same time, expanding my portfolio in a new direction. I'm selling properties that no longer fit into my long-term plans. [...]
06 May
The board game risk. Game in progress.

Be Aware Of These Risks Before Buying Overseas Real Estate

How I Size Up The Potential Risk Of Any Overseas Property Investment I Consider How do I assess the potential risks of a real estate investment opportunity I'm considering making in another country? That may be the question I'm most often asked by readers... especially by readers considering investing outside their home countries for the [...]
02 May
A seaside town in the Mediterranean, Greece

6 Steps To A Successful Overseas Property Investment

6 Secrets To My Global Property Investing Success The advantages and rewards of buying and owning property overseas are greater right now than ever before in our lifetime. If you haven't yet diversified into real assets overseas, you should be thinking about a first purchase. If you hold an overseas property portfolio already, I recommend [...]