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Offshore Living Letter is one of the world’s leading offshore and diversification resources. We work with attorneys, bankers, tax consultants, advisors, and investors from across the globe to gather thorough and up-to-date information on the offshore world. Couple that with Editor Lief Simon’s over 20 years of experience investing and buying real overseas and it’s easy to see why Offshore Living Letter is regularly quotes and so highly regarded among some of the world’s top media outlets.

Anyone who has any experience in the offshore world will tell you, things are always changing. That’s why it is important to get your information from someone who has been doing it personally, and for over two decades. We at Offshore Living Letter have the experience and judgement to help educate you on the offshore world and all of the opportunities that are available today.

  • Ravenswood Property Chicago1996Lief Simon made his first real estate investment in Chicago, Illinois. Purchasing a condo building in the up-and-coming working-class Ravenswood neighborhood on the north side of Chicago. Lief had taken a US$5,000 gift and turned it into US$150,000 profit. As he tells it, "I didn’t set out to become an overseas property investor. It happened by accident."
  • Laharden House Waterford Ireland1998Lief Simon makes his first international property investment purchasing the famed Laharden House in Waterford, Ireland.
  • Offshore Living Letter Logo2011Offshore Living Letter is launched by Editor Lief Simon and Publisher Kathleen Peddicord in an effort to share their experiences living and investing around the world.
  • Issues of Simon Letter2012Lief Simon launches Simon Letter, a premium monthly global intelligence service covering the ins and outs of offshore banking, asset protection, second citizenship, taxation, and much more.
  • Lief Simon presenting at the first Global Property Summit2014Lief Simon hosts his first annual Emergency Offshore Summit, bringing together some of the world's top offshore experts to help new and seasoned investors to find opportunities in today's markets.