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Category: Asset Protection

03 Jul
Man in Bright Orange Jacket Hiding Behind A Tree

It Is Not Illegal To Move Assets Offshore

Some recent reader emails have me scratching my head. Some readers rail against me for writing about ways both to save taxes and to protect assets by moving them offshore. These readers seem fully to believe that these activities are illegal. The only thing I can think is that they are mis-merging ideas. Hiding assets […]

26 Jun
Overseas Property Purchase

How To Vet An Overseas Property Purchase (And Avoid Being Taken!)

Vetting Your Next Overseas Property Purchase An attendee at last week’s Offshore Wealth Summit asked for specific recommendations for how to carry out due diligence on real estate investment opportunities abroad. He knows how to do his due diligence for real estate purchases back home, where he is an active investor, he explained, but he is just [...]
18 May
Handling Property Titling In The Dominican Republic

Handling Property Titling In The Dominican Republic

Back In The DR Where The Property Buys Are Better Than Ever I write from Santo Domingo, where I’m hosting this week’s Live and Invest in the Dominican Republic Conference. We have a sell-out crowd in the room, our biggest turnout for any DR event to date. I’m not surprised. This country has been at [...]
04 May

When, Why, And How To Set Up An Offshore LLC

A reader emailed this week to ask: “How do I set up an offshore LLC?” That’s a loaded question that’s impossible to answer. Like most things in life, going offshore isn’t a one-size-fits-all program. Options are many and varied and must be considered in the context of an individual’s personal situation. It could be that […]

01 May
Is Your Registered Agent Looking Out For Your Best Interest? | Offshore Living Letter

Is Your Registered Agent Looking Out For Your Best Interest?

A few weeks ago I requested a certificate of good standing for one of my offshore entities from my registered agent. One of my banks has started requesting a new certificate each year as part of their client due diligence. Every year is overkill in my view, but it’s either provide the certificate or have […]