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Category: Asset Protection

24 Jun
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An Iron-Clad System For Keeping Your Assets Safe

When the King of Rock and Roll died in August 1977, his estate was valued at more than $10 million. Unfortunately, Elvis Presley’s will wound up going through probate, and it took three years for the lawyers to work things out in court. Finally, mercifully, the court ruled that the estate should pass to his [...]
13 Jun
holiday beach villas for rent on Cyprus

The Key To Building And Protecting Wealth

How did a quiet residential neighborhood in Belize end up sharing Caribbean seafront with a washing machine graveyard? What do you do when you discover your new neighbor in Ecuador turns their home into a raucous open-to-all disco every weekend? When an Argentinian family roll into a private party with a trolley-load of cash and [...]
27 May
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A True Store Of Wealth

If you haven’t seen the first season of “Yellowstone” prequel, “1883”, take the time to watch it. It has a lot of good lessons. One key one is the value of things… or lack thereof as the case may be. As the Dutton family is crossing the U.S. with a wagon train, you see settlers [...]
06 May
Mexico, Colorful buildings and streets of San Miguel de Allende in Zona Centro of historic city center

My #1 Wealth Building Strategy

If you purchase a piece of real estate in another country, should you have the ownership documents issued in your name or, perhaps, in the name of a corporation? If a corporation, should it be a local company (formed in the jurisdiction where you’re purchasing) or one based somewhere else? I get these questions from [...]
11 Jan
100% Profits With A Little-Known Company

3 People You Need In Your Corner

I’m going to let you in on some of my secrets today… some tips for finding the best people to work with on your overseas journey… Developing an advisory infrastructure—that is, legal, financial, tax, banking, and structures resources—in the places where you want to live or invest overseas is critical to building a globally diversified [...]
21 Sep
Private Jet in airport. disaster strikes

What To Do When Disaster Strikes

The thing bluewater sailing teaches you… is that if something goes wrong on a boat, you are all alone. The sensible person always has a backup plan, a Plan B. In my 20s, I sailed a small yacht, mostly solo, three-fourths of the way around the world. This journey took seven years. (My sailboat is [...]
18 Sep
Your Legacy Is At Risk

Your Legacy Is At Risk

Never before in the history of the United States has your wealth been more vulnerable than it is right now… This is not true for the super-rich only. It’s true no matter who you are and regardless how much wealth you’ve managed to build for yourself. The bad news is that there’s more hardship to [...]
11 Sep
safeguard lifestyle

Which Path Will You Take?

I don’t need to remind you of the challenges of our age. Cable news has got that beat covered. And in any case, I’m about finding opportunity (because I believe it can always be found) and organizing your life so you can enjoy what the world has to offer, even if you have to make a [...]
31 Aug
Economy crash.

3 Events That Will Leave You Penniless

I’m no Nostradamus. I usually stay out of the business of making predictions. But I know, just by looking at what’s happening in America right now, that certain things are inevitable… I fear Americans are sitting on a ticking time bomb… This has nothing to do with trillion-dollar debt or immigration or careless money printing [...]
21 Aug
Panama City, Panama

The Pathway To Success In Your Overseas Investments

Got any plans yet for next month? Why don’t you join me in Panama City for a few days? It could be the most profitable decision you make all year… and I promise, we’ll have fun, too. (Cocktail parties… rum tastings… schmoozing with the “best in the business”… it’s all on the schedule.) The Offshore […]