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08 Apr
Scenic coastal road near Maiori, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Put Yourself Back In The Driver’s Seat

In 1964 “Goldfinger”, the third instalment in the James Bond franchise, hit movie theaters across the U.S. It had it all… beautiful women, psychotic villains, dramatic explosions, and, of course, gadgets… When a foolhardy henchman orders Bond behind the wheel of his DB5—albeit at gunpoint—it’s not long before the unwelcome passenger is sent rocketing out [...]
01 Apr
Capela de Nossa Senhora da Rocha, Sunset, Algarve, Portugal. world class health

Safety, World-Class Health Care, And 3,000 Hours Of Sunshine

I’ve been spending time in Europe for decades. I’ve lived in Ireland and hold an Irish passport. I still live part-time in France. And I’ve invested right across the continent, from Cyprus to Spain, Romania, Croatia, and beyond. For a lot of years, Portugal stood head and shoulders above the rest for two key reasons: [...]
28 Mar
Reine, Lofoten, Norway. The village of Reine under a sunny, blue sky, with the typical rorbu houses.

Where Is The Best Place To Escape To In A Crisis?

The existence of so many independent “nation states” across the world… “countries” the way we think of them today… is a relatively new phenomenon in history. The idea that every ethnic or social group should have its own independent national government and geographical homeland… this idea has been very successful in the last century. But [...]
25 Mar
Island view from Los Islotes, Pedasí in Panama

Finding Los Islotes

Finding Los Islotes wasn’t easy. Nor was getting here. There wasn’t a direct road to the property. To gain access you had to hike in from the neighbor’s property, or come in from the beach. It was originally a cattle farm and the ranchers got their livestock in and out via the beach. They didn’t [...]
11 Mar
Porto, Portugal

Why Portugal

Europe is comprised of 51 countries, and the EU includes 27. Among these, Portugal is one of the best options for anyone looking for a place to live, to invest, or to formulate a Plan B in Europe. Last year the country made headlines for enacting policy changes that impacted its desirability as a retirement [...]
07 Mar
Blue skies and the view of a white church on a shore in Protaras, Cyprus

An A-Grade Plan B Option

Cyprus—north and south—is dead center of my radar. Property markets across this island nation are not only among the world’s best bargains… But they also offer tremendous upside in terms of both cash flow and appreciation, near and long term. However, Cyprus is not only a top investment option. It’s also an A-level choice for what I like [...]
04 Mar
A Mediterranean landscape. Mountains near town Perast, Kotor Bay Montenegro

Luxury European Homes For Under $155k

At last year’s International Property Summit in Panama, one attendee asked me what gets me excited about real estate at this point after 25 years of investing in real estate overseas. I didn’t have a good answer. Honestly, I’m a real estate junkie. Even when I’m on vacation, I stop and look in real estate [...]
26 Feb
aucasian man holds some black truffles while two dogs are smelling them.

Your Invitation To Beat Wall Street

One sunny summer afternoon in 2012 I had the most expensive lunch of my life. Kathleen, the kids, and I were taking a driving tour through Italy, Austria, and Croatia. The Croatia leg was to check on the old stone house we own in Istria. We arrived in the nearest town, Livade, around lunchtime. Livade is a tiny place with a big claim to fame: this is the center of Croatia’s truffle region. Walking through the lobby of the town’s only restaurant we saw, in a glass case, an enormous bronze [...]
15 Feb

The Biggest Year Of Voting In Global History

In 1789, Founding Father Benjamin Franklin wrote a letter to French physicist Jean-Baptiste Leroy. It contained a line that outlived both men and will likely still be around when you and I are long gone… “The only two certainties in life are death and taxes.” Now, far be it from me to factcheck The First [...]
12 Feb
Hands filling US tax form. Culculating and payment of taxes concept

Don’t Fall For These 5 Tax Myths

There are plenty of advantages to living (and investing) overseas when it comes to your U.S. taxes. But not having to file every year is not one of them… Today, I’m going to bust five myths that are out there about expat taxes—and that’s the first of them. Myth #1: Overseas, You Don’t Need To [...]