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23 May
View of Malaga with bullring and harbor

Spanish Dream Homes From $215k

Spain is a land of rich heritage, beautiful landscapes, delicious cuisine, and vibrant celebrations. It’s the second-most visited country in the world after France and home to more expats than any other country in Europe. American expats alone number nearly 36,000. Despite its popularity, Spain remains fantastically affordable... from its overall cost of living to [...]
20 May
The city of the Arts and Sciences in Valencia Spain

The Best Of Old World Europe

Sunny days, stunning beaches, happy people… A low cost of living, tons of cheap property, and tasty food… Healthy living, safe streets, and virtually free health care… It’s no surprise that 7.2 million expats call Spain home. This is the most popular second-home destination in all of Europe. Indeed, a recent InterNations survey of more than [...]
16 May
Holiday villas and palm trees in Cala Galdana village, Menorca island, Spain

How Much Can You Save Overseas?

Last year, more than 338,000 Americans moved away from home for retirement. That’s 44% more than in 2022. A cooling housing market and lower inflation help explain this big number. Put simply, more people could afford to move away from home last year compared to the year before. Where did all these retirees end up? [...]
13 May
The Old part in town of island Skiathos in Greece

Sea-View Homes And Mountain Town Escapes

We spend a lot of virtual ink lately reminding you of the benefits of owning property overseas... I tend to focus on the privacy, asset security, diversification, and tax upsides, in particular. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention what is arguably the biggest advantage. Property overseas is a much better bargain. Take a [...]
02 May
Historic town of Perast at Bay of Kotor in summer, Montenegro

A Waterfront Home In A Billionaire’s Playground

Veteran overseas property investor Lee Harrison just released the latest edition of his annual 28-market property survey. This release presents his selection of the world’s eight best and most affordable beach property markets. Why The Focus On Beach Property? Because ocean views are undeniably appealing, and walking out of your back door and onto soft [...]
29 Apr
San Francisco Beach View At Golden Hour

How To Escape The Doom Loop

For my wife’s birthday our annual tradition is to go out for Ethiopian food in San Francisco. We live just outside the city in Marin county, a collection of small suburban communities that requires crossing the Golden Gate bridge to get to downtown San Fran. Typically, my kids and I take my wife to this [...]
25 Apr
Luxury vacation resort and marina for luxury yachts called Porto Montenegro in Bay of Kotor, Tivat, Montenegro

Rich Opportunity In A Billionaire’s Playground

I can point you toward plenty of elite destinations where billionaires moor their super-yachts… But this is the one they don’t want you to know about. Forbes likens this tiny European country to Monaco… And Robb Report claims it’s “The Mediterranean’s New Jet Set Hotspot.” With stunning fjords and a pristine landscape overlooking the same stretch of water as Italy, [...]
18 Apr
businessman at the airport. Man with luggage

Protect Yourself From This Fatal Mistake

When Benjmain Franklin wrote, “…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes” few could argue his position. Today, however, it’s a different story and alas it’s not taxes that are in doubt but rather one’s own existence… or lack thereof. You see Mr Franklin lived and died long before [...]
08 Apr
Scenic coastal road near Maiori, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Put Yourself Back In The Driver’s Seat

In 1964 “Goldfinger”, the third instalment in the James Bond franchise, hit movie theaters across the U.S. It had it all… beautiful women, psychotic villains, dramatic explosions, and, of course, gadgets… When a foolhardy henchman orders Bond behind the wheel of his DB5—albeit at gunpoint—it’s not long before the unwelcome passenger is sent rocketing out [...]
01 Apr
Capela de Nossa Senhora da Rocha, Sunset, Algarve, Portugal. world class health

Safety, World-Class Health Care, And 3,000 Hours Of Sunshine

I’ve been spending time in Europe for decades. I’ve lived in Ireland and hold an Irish passport. I still live part-time in France. And I’ve invested right across the continent, from Cyprus to Spain, Romania, Croatia, and beyond. For a lot of years, Portugal stood head and shoulders above the rest for two key reasons: [...]