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Category: Retirement

07 Nov

Life In Panama Is Not What You Think It Is… For Better Or Worse

My #1 Property Investment Market For 2023 I was the first person to tell people about Panama... at least in the context of a top option for North Americans looking for a place to live better for less in retirement. I named Panama as a top overseas investment option before anyone else, but, full disclosure, [...]
22 Aug
Guns with ammunition on paper target shooting practice

The Complete Guide To Owning A Gun In Panama

How To Buy A Gun In Panama Three-and-a-half years ago, I applied for a gun permit in Panama.It was finally approved last month.Last week I went to the Ministerio de Seguridad Pública in Panama City to pick it up.I’d already purchased a gun. In February 2019. The long delay in my being able to take [...]
01 Aug
Roasted Chicken Index

Cost of Living: Roasted Chicken in Paris, Panama And Rural Illinois.

Lief Simon’s Roasted Chicken Index The U.S. dollar hasn’t been this strong in 20 years. It’s reached near parity with the euro… and has been pounding the pound since the beginning of the pandemic. What Happened To The Demise Of The Dollar? What happened to the demise of the dollar? The U.S. dollar remains the [...]
21 Jul
Happy healthy seniors gardening

Purpose: Your New Life Overseas Won’t Last Without It

When I ask attendees at conferences what they’ve got planned after they’ve made their moves overseas, many tell me they intend to play a lot of golf… or go deep-sea fishing every day. While those activities can be fun… and you could do them every day, maybe, for a while… are you really going to […]

07 Jul
Couple watching the sunset in a beautiful national park

The Secret To A Wealthy Retirement Revealed

How much money do I need to retire comfortably? That question was torn apart in a recent article I read. More precisely, the author was ripping into the non-expert experts that were answering the question in various forums online. It’s an unanswerable question without knowing more about the person asking it and their circumstances. My […]

21 Apr
A panoramic view of a white sandy beach in Algarve, Portugal

Why Moving To Portugal Should Be The Next Thing You Do

Portugal is the oldest country in Europe, with the same defined borders since 1139. Before that, it was part of the Umayyad Caliphate and the Roman Empire. The country is home to the oldest bookstore chain in the world, Livraria Bertrand, which opened its doors in 1732. Here, too, is one of the oldest universities […]

14 Apr
Panama City to the left and the Algarve, Portugal to the right

Panama Vs. Portugal: Comparing The Five Flags

I fly tonight from Panama to Paris… then, Monday morning, on to Lisbon in time to host next week’s Live And Invest In Portugal Conference. Repositioning from the New World to the Old reminds me that Americans often dismiss Europe for offshore lifestyle and investment options thinking the region is too complicated or too expensive. […]