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12 Apr
happy looking senior man looks out into the distance in beautiful green countryside

Purpose: Your New Life Overseas Won’t Last Without It

How Not To Become A Complaining Drunk In Your New Life Overseas When I ask attendees at conferences what they've got planned after they've made their moves overseas, many tell me they intend to play a lot of golf... or go deep-sea fishing every day. While those activities can be fun... and you could do [...]
18 Jan
True wealth retirement number

Finding True Wealth: What Is Your Magic Retirement Number?

On the plane flying from Paris to Panama last weekend, I read an article about a librarian who made the decision to take all of her money out of the stock market. It’s not that she was worried about the stock market crashing. It’s that she reached her number. As the woman explained, she’s accumulated […]

02 Oct
Paris France at Dawn

12 Of My Favorite Things About Autumn In Paris

Autumn In Paris  "I don’t think humans were meant to fly," young Jackson remarked as he, his dad, and I disembarked the plane that had carried us overnight from Panama City to Paris. "Well, certainly not in pressurized tubes," I replied with a very sleepy attempt at a smile. We collected our bags, exited Charles [...]
21 Sep
Your Top Live and Invest Overseas Options For 2018 Identified

Your Top Live And Invest Overseas Options For 2018 Identified

Our editors are hunkered down mapping out answers to that question. Our planning is based first on our collective experience in recent months. Where have we scouted… what are we investing in personally… whither do we intend to travel in the next 12 months… In addition, as well, our editorial calendars, travel schedules, and conference […]

11 Sep
health care cost

Finding More Affordable Health Care And Insurance Overseas

As Kathleen and I prepared these past several months to shift our situation and begin spending more time in Europe, I decided to take the transition as an opportunity to shop health insurance options. Health insurance is vastly more expensive in the United States than anywhere else in the world. That reality I’ve understood for […]

07 Sep
Our Grand Adventure

Moving Overseas Before Retirement: Our Grand Adventure

I’m always sharing real-life stories of folks like you who have reinvented their lives overseas… Today I thought you might be interested to hear how Lief and I came to be living the life we’re living. Ours isn’t the story of a couple of retirees, but we’re hardly the only 30-somethings to take our dreams […]

28 Aug
a man in a bathing suit jumping very high against a blue background

3 Things You’ll Need If You’re Deciding To Retire Overseas

“Specifically, in the context of this Retire Overseas Conference, the world is alive with opportunity for an interesting, rich, full, adventure-filled, and, sometimes, very affordable retirement in a place that is welcoming, beautiful, friendly, and engaging.” “That’s our starting point…” So I explained this morning to all those assembled with us here in Orlando this week… […]

21 Aug

You’re Losing More Than Money By Not Going Overseas Today

Overseas Economics: Age In Place Overseas In Luxury... Instead Of At Home In Poverty My wife Vicki and I find ourselves in California for a few months. A popular new book here, "The Truth About Your Future: The Money Guide You Need Now, Later, And Much Later," predicts a startling future, largely free of disease, [...]
03 Aug
A castle that appears to be floating in the clouds

Cost of Living Overseas: Part Castles In Air, Part Compromise

A recent conference attendee wanted to know where in Panama City he could rent an apartment for US$500 a month or less. He’d decided he wanted to retire to Panama City and had set his housing budget at what he currently pays in property taxes and insurance for the paid-for house he lives in Texas. […]