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03 Aug
A castle that appears to be floating in the clouds

Cost of Living Overseas: Part Castles In Air, Part Compromise

A recent conference attendee wanted to know where in Panama City he could rent an apartment for US$500 a month or less. He’d decided he wanted to retire to Panama City and had set his housing budget at what he currently pays in property taxes and insurance for the paid-for house he lives in Texas. […]

15 May

Should You Be Concerned By Belize’s Murder Rate?

Two expats were murdered in Belize earlier this month. Their bodies were found in a sugarcane field in a rural area of Corozal. “Kathleen, stop promoting a violent, crime-ridden country as safe!” one reader wrote in response. “Are you not aware that Belize has one of the highest murder rates in the world?” asked another. […]

24 Apr
A Second Language Is The Best Gift For Your Children

Why A Second Language Is The Best Gift For Your Children

My wife and I spent last week in the United States visiting universities with our 17-year-old son. During one tour, the student guide made a big deal about the opportunities the university offers for study abroad programs. Take a semester or a year to study at one of their campuses in another country, she encouraged […]

23 Feb
2017 will be a great year for Investors in Panama.

Why Panama’s Economy Is In A League Of Its Own

The Powerhouse That Is Panama "What’s the first word that comes to mind when you hear ‘Panama’?" full-time Panama expat Charles Conn asked the crowd in Panama City the last afternoon at the Live and Invest in Panama Conference last week. "The Canal," replied the audience. "Another thing you probably think of are hats," continued [...]
02 Feb
second passport for expats

Expat’s Common Goal In Trump’s America: A Second Passport

Last weekend I hosted a small group of readers at my home in Medellín, Colombia. These Private Access members made the trip to Medellín to spend three days engaged in focused, private conversation with me and nine of my colleagues. We discussed the basics of internationalizing your life—banking, residency, citizenship, asset protection, structures, and investing, […]