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Key Offshore Topics

Offshore 101: Getting Educated About The Offshore World

Going offshore surrounded by a map, euros, and a passport.

Going Offshore. Going offshore has in recent years become a more mainstream idea. Back in the 90s going offshore was thought to be only for criminals, drug lords, or tax dodgers. These days the offshore world is far from a foreign idea.

Paperwork for filing taxes.

What is FATCA? The Foreign Asset Tax Compliance Act is legislation meant to force tax compliance on Americans who operate and do banking offshore. This act is having large scale unintended consequences for offshore investors.

Foreign Bank Account Report

What is the FBAR? The Foreign Bank Account Report, officially the FinCEN Form 114, is an important form to understand, especially if you open a bank account in another country and have over $10,000 in it.

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

What is the FEIE? The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion can be a tremendous asset when going offshore for work, as you can mitigate how the United States taxes your worldwide income.

A person stamping and authenticating documents for foreign paperwork.

Authenticating Documents. The process of authenticating documents while offshore can be, well, a process. Knowing what, where, and when, are important factors in document authentication.

A man showing the top tax havens on a map.

Tax Havens. There are still places in the world today where you can minimize your tax burden. Here are our top 10 tax havens that you should be taking advantage of today.

Diversification: Choosing The Right Strategies, Structures, And Countries

Flags from all around the world behind a box showing the 5 flag diversification theory

The Flag Theory. The Flag Theory is all about diversifying your life and your keeping yourself protected. The Five Flags are to do with residency, citizenship, banking, assets, and business.

A couple trying to open an offshore bank account.

Opening An Offshore Bank Account. The best first step you can take to internationalizing your life is to open an offshore bank account. Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket and don’t keep all your money in one country.

Two passports laying on top of a map.

Getting A Second Passport. Getting a second passport is an excellent way to diversify your life. We recommend your aim to first be second citizenship before getting your second passport.

Wealth Creation: Creating Cash-Flow And Investing For Profit

A new start-up company.

Starting A Business Overseas. There are many reasons to start a business or corporation overseas, including advantages with privacy, taxes, legacy planning, liability, and more.

A financial investment newspaper and calculator.

Start Investing Offshore. Diversification through investing offshore can reduce your portfolio volatility while maintaining returns. Offshore investments also provide a high degree of choice and flexibility.

A large property with a home on it.

Buying Foreign Real Estate For Profit. International real estate is the ultimate diversification strategy at a time when diversification beyond U.S. markets and outside the U.S. dollar is more important than ever.

Two jars filled with money for retirement.

FAQs About IRA Investing Offshore. If you are looking to grow your assets with tax-deferment than an IRA can be a great way to accomplish that. Here are some important questions to consider.

Asset Protection: Structuring Assets For Compliance And Conservation

An asset portfolio with graphs of each set of asset structures.

Structuring Assets. It is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages different asset structures provide as an offshore investor and whether or not you need a particular structure at all.

A gavel and justice scale signifying compliance with the law.

Staying Legal And Compliant. In today’s world of heavy handed regulation it is more important than ever to remain compliant and keep yourself legally protected.

A piggy bank inside of a briefcase with the words Asset Protection on front.

Asset Protection. When it comes to asset protection, it is important to understand what it is and what it is not. Asset protection isn’t illegal, that is when done correctly.

A grandfather walking with his granddaughter.

Legacy Planning. When planning for future generations and the legacy of your assets it is important consider what is best now and what might be best in the future.

International insurance policy

Foreign Insurance and Annuities. There are many appealing reasons for having foreign insurance. If you are concerned about hedging the U.S. dollar, an insurance product might be what you need.

Paperwork for a trust and last will and testament on a desk.

Offshore Trust. For foreign asset protection and estate planning a trust can be an integral part of your strategy. Trusts allow for legal protection from creditors and even government agencies.