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22 Jun
lady selling at farmers market

Find Out How To Make US$4,000 Per Month Homesteading

I'm Not Waiting For The World To Find Its New Normal—Here's My Take-Charge Plan The pandemic crisis and restrictions we've been living through across the globe have reinforced my belief that it's critical to have a Plan B in place for you and your family that makes you as self-sufficient as possible. Global food supplies [...]
11 Jun
piggy bank with sunglasses on the beach

6 Global Diversification Strategies To Secure Your Future

The World Has Gone Completely Sideways—Here's What You Need To Do Now With all the doom and gloom coming from the media, you might be feeling intimidated or even overwhelmed. For sure, we all have good reasons right now to be confused about which way to turn from here. What do you do when the [...]
30 Apr
town by sea

Diversify Now Or Pay Later: Why You Need To Sell Your Stocks

What Should You Be Invested In Right Now? Not This... As some countries in Europe and some states in the United States begin reopening for business, the long-term impacts of shutting down global economies are being debated by experts and amateurs alike. The U.S. stock market, as tracked by the S&P 500, is still down [...]
06 Apr
lisbon aerial view

A Guide To The Best Real Estate Opportunities After COVID-19

Global Property Markets Post-Coronavirus—Here’s How And Where To Profit What will global property markets look like post the COVID-19 pandemic? I do not believe we’re going to see 40% to 70% drops like we did in the wake of the 2008/2009 global crisis, when real estate markets worldwide took huge hits with few exceptions. However, [...]
26 Mar

Invest In Truffles For Big Returns Not Tied To The Stock Market

What To Do With Your Money Now—3 Top Alternative Investments No doubt about it... most investors are experiencing one heck of a roller coaster ride right now. Good thing we're not most investors. Our productive land investments are looking more attractive than ever. People are still eating and, more important, will need to continue to [...]
23 Mar
agricultural land growing

Why I’m Glad That I Hold The World’s Most Valuable Asset

Here’s What To Do Today To Prepare For The Pain And Hardship We’re Facing The death rate from the coronavirus won’t make a dent in the global population even if 100% of us catch the bug. That is: The human race is not going to become extinct. Economies and markets will recover, too… eventually. We’re [...]
16 Mar
mango orchard, mango on a tree

Why An Agricultural Investment Is A Crisis Safe Haven

World Borders Are Closing... Here's What You Need To Know When the doors closed, they closed fast and hard. Panama has stopped all flights from Europe and Asia. Germany has closed its land borders to all traffic except goods and people commuting for work. Poland had already closed its border with Germany in an effort [...]
12 Mar
house by sea panama

An Urgent Reminder: The Time To Diversify Offshore Is Now

If This Week's Blood Bath Isn't Showing You The Importance Of Diversifying Offshore, I Don't Know What Will Our son Jackson came to spend Christmas and his winter break with us in Paris. He was due to return to NYU Shanghai to finish his sophomore year the first of February. He didn't because, at the [...]
19 Dec
Paris protests

This Is Exactly Why I Have A Personal Freedom Plan

“These French… I Hate These French” Earlier this week, Kathleen had an appointment with her dentist here in Paris. Afterward, she told me that the poor guy spent most of the visit complaining about the situation in France right now. “These French… I hate these French,” he told her. Monsieur Cherel is French himself, of [...]