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11 Apr
Sidewalk at public park with city skyline at coast promenade in Panama City Panama

Blazing A Trail In Panama

“You need to get on a plane.” That was the feedback Kathleen Peddicord got from her property scout when she sent him to Panama for the first time in 1998. Back then, real estate in Panama was a screaming bargain. You could buy big, well-built homes for as little as $20,000. Kathleen did indeed get on a plane and [...]
08 Apr
Scenic coastal road near Maiori, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Put Yourself Back In The Driver’s Seat

In 1964 “Goldfinger”, the third instalment in the James Bond franchise, hit movie theaters across the U.S. It had it all… beautiful women, psychotic villains, dramatic explosions, and, of course, gadgets… When a foolhardy henchman orders Bond behind the wheel of his DB5—albeit at gunpoint—it’s not long before the unwelcome passenger is sent rocketing out [...]
04 Apr
Landscape scenery of road by the lough inagh with mountains in the background at Connemara National park in county Galway, Ireland

What Is Your Deal-Breaker?

It’s becoming harder and harder to determine what is the First World and what is—to use the politically correct term—the developing world. I spent time working in the developing world in the mid-‘90s. Chad might not have even been considered developing when I was there. The capital city N’Djamena had an international airport but not [...]
21 Mar
almond tree shaker shaking trees, leaves falling from trees being shaken, tree shaker during harvest season

The World’s Biggest Supply-Versus-Demand Crisis

Faced with an exploding world population and dwindling arable land, food production is without a doubt the world’s biggest supply-versus-demand crisis. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that agriculture production needs to increase by 70% in less than 30 years to meet the demand of an extra two billion people. While this information [...]
26 Feb
aucasian man holds some black truffles while two dogs are smelling them.

Your Invitation To Beat Wall Street

One sunny summer afternoon in 2012 I had the most expensive lunch of my life. Kathleen, the kids, and I were taking a driving tour through Italy, Austria, and Croatia. The Croatia leg was to check on the old stone house we own in Istria. We arrived in the nearest town, Livade, around lunchtime. Livade is a tiny place with a big claim to fame: this is the center of Croatia’s truffle region. Walking through the lobby of the town’s only restaurant we saw, in a glass case, an enormous bronze [...]
15 Feb

The Biggest Year Of Voting In Global History

In 1789, Founding Father Benjamin Franklin wrote a letter to French physicist Jean-Baptiste Leroy. It contained a line that outlived both men and will likely still be around when you and I are long gone… “The only two certainties in life are death and taxes.” Now, far be it from me to factcheck The First [...]
29 Jan
Bookkeeper making report, finances. diversification

6 Key Steps To True Diversification

I’ve been planting flags for more than 25 years at this point… long before I had ever heard about the Five Flags Theory or any of the other terms used to simplify the conversation about internationalizing one’s life. Some of my flags were accidental… or incidental at first… just part of life. My first offshore [...]
25 Jan
Washington DC Capitol dome detail with waving american flag

Who I’m Voting For In 2024

For many people, the New Year’s Eve hangover had barely passed when the real headache of 2024 began to kick in… First it was the Iowa caucuses, then this week’s New Hampshire primary, and now we’re barreling towards the South Carolina showdowns. 2024 has been dubbed the biggest election year in history by The Economist, [...]
22 Jan
Paradise beach in Placencia, tropical coast of Belize, Caribbean Sea, Central America

What I Found At “Pleasant Point”

Driving down the peninsula on smooth roads baked by the tropical sun, it suddenly struck me that I hadn’t been to Placencia in southern Belize in nearly 10 years. As I came closer to the end of my journey, there I was, stunned by what I found. High-quality developments, great restaurants, a friendly atmosphere that [...]
11 Jan
100% Profits With A Little-Known Company

3 People You Need In Your Corner

I’m going to let you in on some of my secrets today… some tips for finding the best people to work with on your overseas journey… Developing an advisory infrastructure—that is, legal, financial, tax, banking, and structures resources—in the places where you want to live or invest overseas is critical to building a globally diversified [...]