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05 Sep
The panel at a retire overseas conference

Retire Overseas Expo Express Pass: Get Personalized Advice

Why Lief Has Just Flown To Houston… We aren't able to do this every year... but this year we've made it a priority... meaning I'm writing today to announce: Our 2019 Retire Overseas Expo. This is an intensive one-day event focused on providing comprehensive, detailed, and firsthand information on your best options right now for living, [...]
01 Aug
A big house with a swimming pool

Why My Property Portfolio Is Doubled Down On Diversification

Making Money (And Finding Love) Overseas As longtime readers know, 99% of my investment portfolio is in real estate. Yet my overriding mantra is: Diversification, diversification, diversification. It is the key to success both with your investments and your lifestyle. That's why my real estate portfolio is very diversified. It includes agricultural land, raw land, [...]
25 Jul
The American flag

How I Found The American Dream Extends Beyond Borders

Lief Simon’s Single Secret To Success I grew up as the only child of a single mother. From a sociologist’s perspective, we probably would have been classified as lower-middle class. That’s using the nine-class category system that my college sociology professor taught—lower, middle, and upper, each having lower, middle, and upper subsets. I remember feeling [...]
11 Jul
A colorful Paris street in the summer time

Why A Fully Diversified Portfolio Means Investing Overseas

The Recession-Proof Portfolio Secret You Need To Know At my annual Global Property Summit last month, we fielded lots of good questions from seasoned real estate investors whose experience was limited to their home countries. Many attendees were Americans with portfolios in a single market where they’ve focused their attention and have done well since the 2008 [...]
20 Jun
Emergency Escape Plan Image

Why I Believe A Backup Residency Is More Critical Than Ever

You Need A Backup Plan—Right Now More Than Ever Before In this month's issue of my Simon Letter advisory service, I continue my "Residency Through Real Estate" conversation. Last month, I detailed the current best opportunities for this in Europe. This issue I look at your best choices in the Americas. As you consider options for diversifying [...]
17 Jun

What Is Blockchain

A Simple Explanation Of Blockchain Though often mentioned in the news, most people don’t know what blockchain is thanks to the misinformation surrounding it. That’s hardly surprising… blockchain is new technology. First misconception: Blockchain is Bitcoin. They’re two separate things. Bitcoin is a digital currency that uses blockchain. A good analogy is a shared work [...]
03 Jun
check to pay irs all money

It’s Now Vital To Protect Your Money With Offshore Investments

Remember When America Was Proud Of Its Entrepreneurs? Did you know that, in 2014, the U.S. government officially became the country's biggest thief? To the tune of more than US$5 billion dollars. Take a look... Maybe the police are simply doing a better job. Nah, that's not it... The Department of Justice recently released an [...]