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19 Oct
Close up of Hands marking November 3 election day on Calendar as reminder for voting.

Worried About Your Future After The 2020 U.S. Presidential Election? Then The Offshore Wealth Virtual Summit Is Right For You

I’ve spent the past two-and-a-half decades scouting the world for the best opportunities to make money while having some fun. Right now, I’d say that having options is a more critical agenda than it’s ever been… and that not having options leaves you exposed and

12 Oct
Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil

Investing In Brazil Should Be Your Next Move, Here’s Why

One important factor that makes Brazil particularly attractive to North Americans today is the extraordinary currency advantage. Right now, the dollar is trading at over 5 Brazilian reais. That means that everything from eating out to staying at a hotel to buying property comes at a significant discount. But these low property prices we’re seeing […]

03 Sep
Diversify your portfolio

Why You Should Diversify Your Portfolio in Times of Crisis

I’ve written before about real estate investors writing in or coming up to me at conferences questioning my position on diversification of one’s real estate portfolio. Usually, they’re newer investors who haven’t seen the market or type of investment they focus on… fall. Two that I will always remember are the 20-something kid who invested […]

27 Aug
punta cana beach dominican republic

Our Online Retire Overseas Conference May Be The Best Ever

The Big 6—These Are The Key Issues To Address Before Moving To A New Country Over four days next month—Sept. 22-25—I’ll be co-hosting, alongside my wife and publisher Kathleen Peddicord, the biggest go-overseas event of the year. For our first-ever Retire Overseas Virtual Conference, Kathleen and I are bringing together more than 100 experts and [...]
22 Jun
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Find Out How To Make US$4,000 Per Month Homesteading

I'm Not Waiting For The World To Find Its New Normal—Here's My Take-Charge Plan The pandemic crisis and restrictions we've been living through across the globe have reinforced my belief that it's critical to have a Plan B in place for you and your family that makes you as self-sufficient as possible. Global food supplies [...]
11 Jun
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6 Global Diversification Strategies To Secure Your Future

The World Has Gone Completely Sideways—Here's What You Need To Do Now With all the doom and gloom coming from the media, you might be feeling intimidated or even overwhelmed. For sure, we all have good reasons right now to be confused about which way to turn from here. What do you do when the [...]
30 Apr
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Diversify Now Or Pay Later: Why You Need To Sell Your Stocks

What Should You Be Invested In Right Now? Not This... As some countries in Europe and some states in the United States begin reopening for business, the long-term impacts of shutting down global economies are being debated by experts and amateurs alike. The U.S. stock market, as tracked by the S&P 500, is still down [...]