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Category: Asset Protection

23 Jun
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Why You Should Start Your Estate Planning Process Now

Don't Die Before You've Done This One Thing Years ago, a friend told me about a guy on the conference circuit. This guy did one thing, had one service, and one pitch. Let's call him Bob. Bob told a story about his parents who had been fairly successful but then died young. The wealth his [...]
28 Apr
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Offshore IRA Investing: The Best Advice You’ll Ever Need

As I’ve been reporting for years, it’s possible to invest your IRA funds outside the United States. However, to do so, you have to find an IRA custodian that allows for non-traditional investments. A traditional brokerage or bank custodian generally only allows you to hold assets in your IRA that he can sell you—stocks, bonds, […]

24 Mar
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It Is Not Illegal To Move Assets Offshore

It's A Show-And-Tell World (Don’t Try To Hide Your Assets!) Some recent reader emails have me scratching my head. Some dear readers are railing against me for writing about ways both to save taxes and to protect assets by moving them offshore. These readers seem fully to believe that these activities are illegal. The only [...]