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30 Jan
Why Trump and anyone wlse who comes shouldn't worry you

Diversification Is Key, Whether Trump Delivers Or Not

When President Trump was elected to office, some readers wrote to say they’d decided to put their flag-planting efforts on hold. Maybe President Trump would be able to achieve his goal of making America great again, they figured. He’s certainly gotten off to a dramatic start. Love or hate what he’s doing… believe or don’t […]

28 Nov
Your Best Financial Strategy Now That Trump Has Won. Donald trump pointing the finger at the camara in a suit with a blue tie

Your Best Financial Strategy Now That Trump Has Won

The U.S. elections are finally over, and now the talking heads have moved on to discuss the minutiae of Donald Trump’s transition plans. Meanwhile, friends, colleagues, readers, and consulting clients are writing each day to ask what Trump’s victory means for me… How am I adjusting my holdings, my investment plans, and my Plan B […]

12 Sep
In addition to stocks and bonds (and the mutual funds that invest in them), any investor with capital has opportunities to invest in many other assets.

How Diversifying Into Real Estate Can Help Your Portfolio

Over the weekend I read one of those Q&A articles in a mainstream financial publication. A reader had written in to ask how he should invest a windfall of US$250,000. The answer was typical mainstream financial advice that boiled down to: Determine your level of risk tolerance based on your age and then allocate some […]

08 Aug
A future where you depend only of yourself, where you have complete control, is possible.

Pursuing A Self-Sufficient Lifestyle

In a world of uncertainty, having an escape plan can help you sleep better. The details of such a plan differ for everyone. Maybe a nest egg on deposit in an offshore bank account somewhere is all you need to feel comfortable and confident about your and your family’s future. Or maybe you’re interested in […]