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03 Feb
view across medellin colombia

The Strong Dollar Makes Real Estate In Colombia A Bargain

I've Tripled My Money In This Market And Am Diving Back In For More If you're holding U.S. dollars, you have a window of opportunity right now to take advantage of super-charged buying power in key overseas markets. The dollar's current strength is creating irresistible bargains in some countries where real estate trades in the [...]
27 Jan
view from a panama city apartment

Why Panama City Continues To Be A Great Place To Invest

When The World’s In Turmoil, This Country Is Your Safe Harbor Hotel occupancy rates have fallen steadily over the past 10 years in Panama City… while rental yields have increased over the same period. Glad I’ve been a landlord in this city this past decade and not a hotelier. What else did we discuss during [...]
20 Jan
panama city oceanfront apartments

4 Top Tips For Maximum Profit Selling Your Property Overseas

4 Ways To Sell Your Overseas Property For Top Dollar When I sold the three-flat investment property in Chicago in 1998, marking the start of my overseas property investment career, the Windy City market was overheated. I listed the property at an inflated price relative to going market rates, thinking I was allowing myself room [...]
16 Jan
belize flag money

Welcome To Belize: Your All-In-One Offshore Destination

One-Stop Shop For Going Offshore If you’re shopping countries, trying to choose where to begin (or further) the process of internationalizing your life, one place should be near the top of your list: Belize. Belize offers good options for planting every possible offshore flag. That includes banking, residency, citizenship, structures, self-sufficient living, and jurisdictional taxation. [...]
06 Jan
mazatlan golden zone

The Best Two Best Countries For Going Overseas In 2020

My Wife Says These Are The Two Best Places To Go Overseas In 2020 Cheapest, safest... best weather, best infrastructure, best health care... most tax-advantaged and most foreign-resident friendly... Not to mention most romantic, exotic, historic, and adventure filled... Our editors, correspondents, and scouts have been collecting data and crunching numbers for three months. The [...]
23 Dec
Greece sunny day

5 More Of The Top Real Estate Markets For Investment In 2020

10 Best Places To Invest In Property Overseas In 2020, Part 2 Today, part two of our two-part survey on the World’s Top Property Markets For 2020. To review, the five markets we’ve recommended already (in Part 1) are: Brazil Panama Belize Portugal Colombia Now to the final five of our picks for best places to [...]
16 Dec
houses in portugal

What Is The Best Way To Track The Value Of Your Real Estate?

Year-End Property Portfolio Update I try to update the spreadsheet I use to track all of my real estate investments twice a year… in June and December. This month’s update is timely, as, as I’ve mentioned, I closed on the sale of a property in Portugal in November. I can now formally calculate my IRR [...]
12 Dec
Aerial view of the algarve portugal

5 Of The Top Real Estate Markets For Investment In 2020

10 Best Places To Invest In Property Overseas In 2020 Top property markets in 2019... that we believe will continue strong in 2020 and beyond? Here you go... Brazil Right now, everything Brazil has to offer is available at a discount... The Brazilian real continues its historic low against the U.S. dollar (at the time [...]
07 Nov
beach coast coconut trees

The Best Way To Start Developing Your Property Overseas

Part of my long-term offshore lifestyle and diversification strategy includes a beach house in Panama at the Los Islotes residential community my wife Kathleen and I have been developing on this country’s western Azuero coast. I’ve been involved in different ways in dozens of developments like Los Islotes in more than two-dozen countries over the past […]

14 Oct
brazil beach real estate

The Best Places To Buy Real Estate Overseas In 2019

Lief Simon's 4 Favorite Overseas Property Markets Today I'm all in on real estate overseas. It's the cornerstone of my investment portfolio and of my personal Freedom Plan. In our world today, international property stands out more strongly than ever among investment options because it is both a hard asset and one of the best [...]