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Why Investing In Panama’s Real Estate Is So Compelling

16 Aug
View of the financial district and sea in Panama City, Panama.

Why Investing In Panama’s Real Estate Is So Compelling

The Best Place To Invest In Real Estate Overseas Right Now—This Is The Market You’re Looking For

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Take a look at its winning report card from our just-published Index.Panama report cardPanama is my adopted hometown and the headquarters of Live and Invest Overseas.

We’re here for about a dozen reasons and, indeed, the profitable real estate market is one of them. In fact, our team of property experts has more personal cash invested in Panama than anywhere else in the world.

The fundamentals behind this market are compelling.

The Fundamentals Behind This Market Are Compelling

To recap:

  • The U.S. dollar is the currency, meaning no exchange-rate risk…
  • Panama is Latin America’s banking hub, with more than 90 international banks in Panama City alone…
  • This country has seen strong, sustained GDP growth of as much as 11% per year over the past 10 years (and even during the Great Recession in the years prior)…
  • The Panama Canal is critical to the world economy, which ensures that this will always be a stable and valuable country…
  • The government is pro-business and foreigner-friendly, meaning outsized incentives for foreign retirees and investors…
  • The country has a solid legal system and strong personal property rights

A stable economy is important for investment growth, but Panama also offers a unique set of benefits associated with its property investment market in particular:

  • Depending on what you buy in Panama, you can be exempt from property tax for up to 15 years
  • Key local developers here have long track records spanning decades, meaning you can feel confident when buying…
  • Panama doesn’t depend on North American buyers and investors, but it does cater to them, with American designs and features not found in many other Latin American countries…
  • Developer financing is often available… in fact, we’ve been able to secure exclusive, low financing rates and plans for some particularly interesting opportunities…

What else do you need to know about this market? What can you expect as far as investment return?

And where and what, specifically, should you be looking to buy right now?

Those are the questions I intend to help you answer during my Panama Property Wealth Webinar taking place tomorrow.

We’ll be live and on-air Tuesday morning, Aug. 17. If you’re unavailable then, sign up anyway so we can send you a free video recording—do that here now.

Lief Simon