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20 Mar
Owning real estate offshore

2 Critical Reasons Global Property Is Today’s Big Opportunity

24 Ways To Earn Up To 22% Per Year From Property Overseas In Panama City with us today are colleagues, friends, and real estate investment professionals from around the globe. Day 1 of this week’s Global Property Summit has been a tour of the most compelling opportunities for owning real estate in Brazil, Argentina, Panama, [...]
16 Feb
Is There A Perfect Time For An Overseas Property Purchase?

Is There A Perfect Time For An Overseas Property Purchase?

The U.S. dollar continues at highs against currencies around the world, including the British pound and the euro. Pundits are predicting more of the same. I’ve read and heard talking head after talking head calling for an ever-stronger Greenback. It reminds me of a few years ago, when those who try to crystal-ball this stuff […]

03 Mar
mango tree

Panama Mango Plantation Is A Top Investment For 2016

It’s been two years since I first recommended what was at the time an innovative new agricultural investment opportunity in Panama—specifically, a mango plantation. The project was launched in February 2014. After a couple of months of preparation on the ground with the help of topography maps and drones, the developers began clearing the land. […]

29 Jun
Top Real Estate Investment Opportunities For 2013

Euro-Dollar Exchange Rate And Greece Debt Crisis Implications For Purchasing Property Denominated In Euros

I don’t try to predict currency exchange rates. I pay attention to them in property markets where I’m active or interested in investing, but I don’t attempt to time property purchases to them except in extraordinary circumstances. Timing a currency investment is different than trying to time a real estate investment according to currency fluctuations. […]

20 Nov
Investing In Global Property In 2015

Investing In Real Estate

A trendy spot, beach or otherwise, can become trendy just because people begin to perceive it that way. Maybe a celebrity buys in a small town or a movie is filmed nearby or a reality show is shot on location…triggering the marketplace to believe there’s something cool or interesting about a place they’d previously never […]

29 May
Can you reduce tax burden overseas?

An American Retiree Moving Overseas Likely Won’t Reduce His Tax Burden

A friend told me this week that his parents are looking to move overseas for their retirement to save taxes. He recognizes but hasn’t been able to help them understand that that isn’t a realistic objective given their circumstances. My friend’s parents are retired government workers receiving government pensions. Pension income is not eligible for […]

16 Jan
brazil - Minha casa, minha vida investment opportunity in Brazil

Investment Opportunity In Brazil

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to a new opportunity in Brazil. The response has been strong, and one of the biggest reasons is that the developer allows investors to choose the currency for their investments from among several hard currencies, including the U.S. dollar, euro, British pound, Canadian dollar, and Singapore dollar. […]

13 Jan
20 Questions: Buying Property Overseas

20 Questions: Buying Property Overseas

Real estate has always made sense to me as an asset allocation, but I’m more persuaded today than ever that foreign property should be part of every investment portfolio. You can’t watch everything going on in the United States right now and not be persuaded that holding real assets in the form of real estate […]

30 Dec
Top Property Investment Markets For 2014

Top Property Investment Markets For 2014

As the year comes to an end, I’m reviewing the 2013 investment plan I had for myself. On the list of countries I wanted to research and perhaps invest in last year were Ireland, the Philippines, Uruguay, and Peru. How did I do with the objectives I set out for this past year? I didn’t […]