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04 Dec
How To Miss Opportunities Overseas

How To Miss Opportunities Overseas

“Where will people buy their groceries?” That was the first question one of the civil engineers we engaged asked at the very beginning of the planning for our residential development on the Azuero Sunset Coast of Panama—Los Islotes. She had never been to this part of the country, but she knew it didn’t have much, [...]
25 Jan
Street scene Panama City, Panama.

The Effects Of The Pandemic In Panama: Why You Need To Invest Today

I knew Panama had been hit hard by the pandemic, but hearing about the challenges and living them are two different things. Staff in Panama have been living through the various lockdown measures since last March, but their accounts of the pains of the restrictions, which at times have been even stricter than they are […]

20 Jun
Los Islotes Beachfront Community

In Los Islotes, Panama, Developing Opportunities Are Endless

About 20 of us sat around the tables of the open-air “rancho on the hill,” as we call it, sipping Panama beers and Abuelo rum and Cokes and staring out at the crashing surf and the three little islands just offshore that give their name to my Los Islotes development project on Panama’s western Azuero […]

02 May
Los Islotes Beachfront Community

Los Islotes Beachfront Community: Our Grand Vision

One of the first buyers at Los Islotes, the beachfront community Lief and I are developing on Panama’s Azuero Sunset Coast, was a man named John. John had two children and a long-term girlfriend, but he came down to visit the property on his own. John was in his early 70s. Los Islotes was just […]