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12 Dec
people celebrating at a concert

The Real Secret To Our Success Investing Overseas (Hint: It’s Trust)

Even I… a woman who really prefers to do things for herself and by herself… have learned an important lesson: Life the way we live it is much easier with help. For Lief and me, life can be complicated. Our constant priority is diversification. This is both a risk-aversion strategy and a personal preference. We […]

17 Nov
This Is Why The Offshore World Gets A Bum Rap

Is Your Second Citizenship Program Actually A Scam?

The offshore services world gets a bum rap. Most people think that anyone with activities “offshore” is doing something illegal or nefarious. That’s not the case… despite the mainstream press’ attempts to disparage anyone who is found to have done something as alarming as say, opening a bank account in another country. That is not […]

10 Nov
Don’t Let The Election Results Put A Wall Around Your Future

Don’t Let The Election Results Put A Wall Around Your Future

The political pollsters are all looking for new careers and Canada’s immigration website went down for some time late Tuesday night as this week’s U.S. presidential election result was becoming clear. Few thought that Trump would win. Now that he has, stock and currency markets aren’t sure what to do. A running joke throughout this […]

26 Sep
Here’s to a diversified life.

My Diversified Life: From Student Loans To Sunset Coasts

Sitting on the porch of a friend’s house on the water near Los Islotes, the coastal community I’m developing in Panama, last week, looking out over the Pacific Ocean and listening to the surf, it struck me how different my life would have played out if I hadn’t chosen to internationalize it early on. The […]

29 Aug
Kathleen Peddicord speaking at the Retire Overseas Conference.

Retire Overseas Conference Q&A Session With Kathleen Peddicord

After nine weeks on the road in Europe, Lief Simon is in Las Vegas this week co-hosting this year’s Retire Overseas Conference with his wife Kathleen Peddicord. Kathleen reports on the goings-on live from the scene… “Welcome to Las Vegas… welcome to Live and Invest Overseas’ Sixth Annual Retire Overseas Conference…” So I addressed the […]

18 Aug

Rumor And Gossip Can Be The Bane Of Life In Overseas Expat Communities

High school, small towns, and expat communities all have something in common that you don’t hear much about—gossip. I’d pit some expats I’ve known against any 13-year-old girl in this regard, including, in some cases, the meanest girls on the playground. Sipping coffee in their favorite morning meeting spots, expats around the world are formulating […]

24 Sep
The Cost Of Health Insurance With Obamacare

The Cost Of Health Insurance With Obamacare

Why Obamacare Is Just One More Reason To Diversify California has released information on the cost of Obamacare coverage for those who don't have health insurance otherwise. The average premium cost for the silver plan (they have bronze, silver, gold, and platinum plans) will be US$321 monthly. The annual deductible for this level of coverage [...]
16 Sep
Say Goodbye To Big Brother

Say Goodbye To Big Brother

My #1 Recommendation For Where To Go Off-Grid A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how to get away from Big Brother. Today I’d like to offer a recommendation for where to get away from Big Brother: Belize. Belize is a place where it is easy to go offline and off-grid while still retaining access [...]
07 Mar
Financial Planning Strategies For Retiring Overseas

Financial Planning Strategies For Retiring Overseas

The Death Of The 4% Rule (And What That Means For Retirees Overseas) Friend and colleague Paul Terhorst forwarded me an article from the Wall Street Journal(WSJ) that talks about the death of the 4% rule. Paul writes a column for the Overseas Retirement Letter about the financial aspects of retiring overseas, so this kind of thing gets [...]