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11 Jan
Sprouts of young pea plants grow in rows in a field in the rays of the sun.

Investing In Productive Land To Prepare For Coming Food Shortages

A study by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine calls out the danger to food security created by an overweight global population. Larger bodies require more energy even when sitting still. The global population is expected to grow by 1.9 billion people between now and the year 2050. The added strain on the […]

26 Nov
Thanksgiving celebration traditional dinner. Roasted turkey garnished with cranberries on a rustic style table decorated with pumpkins, vegetables, pie, flowers and candles.

Celebrating Thanksgiving In Panama

“Maybe I should stay home for the day and help you… so you don’t drop the turkey or forget the turkey or burn the turkey,” my 16-year-old son Jackson suggested with a smile earlier this week. Probably he

05 Nov
Blue sign warning of that face mask is mandatory due to Covid-19 or coronavirus in airport.

What Traveling To Europe In November 2020 Is Like

Getting to Ireland wasn’t a concern. Returning Irish citizens are allowed to enter Ireland from anywhere. You have to complete a form online that includes where you will be staying for your first 14 days after arrival, as the Irish government wants you to self-quarantine for that period. However, no destination information is required if […]

06 Nov
Investing In Wine In France

Investing In Wine In France: A Good (And Tasty) Venture

Lief Simon's Secret French Passions Kathleen and I are in Paris for six weeks. We seldom have the luxury of so much time in one place. How to fill our free days, I wondered when we arrived... Ah, ha, I thought. I'll reorganize the cave. A French cave is an underground area for storage. It's not like a [...]
28 Oct
Banking And Champagne Tasting In France

Banking And Champagne Tasting In France

Traditionally, the sediment was removed by hand. However, this meant that a fair amount of champagne was lost. As each bottle was opened, the built up effervescence pushed out the sediment but, of course, some of the wine, too. The process was slow and very inefficient. Then, sometime in the 1970s, someone had the big […]

16 Feb
Economic Collapse In Europe

Economic Collapse In Europe

Europe Is Collapsing! Should You Care? At lunch yesterday, a friend here in Panama City asked what I was going to do with my apartment in Paris now that "Europe has collapsed." I wasn't sure how to respond for a couple of reasons. First, I hadn't realized that Europe had collapsed...that all of Europe, every [...]