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24 Apr

The Difference Between Resident, Expat, And Expatriation

In the strictest sense, speaking historically, “expat” is short for “expatriation”—the act of renouncing your allegiance to your native land. However, over the decades, with big and growing numbers of people residing outside their home countries, the term “expat” has taken on a broader, gentler meaning, to refer simply to people living abroad. Just as […]

03 Feb
Expatriating Growing Rapidly in the U.S.

Expatriating Growing Rapidly In The U.S.

A reporter from the mainstream press contacted me recently asking if I could introduce him to an American who has given up his (or her) citizenship. The reporter is doing a story on the growing number Americans expatriating and wanted a firsthand story to tell. Unfortunately, none of the people I know who have expatriated […]

09 Jan
The Benefits Of A Second Passport can be many

Benefits Of A Second Passport

Panama is truly a convenient place to live if you want to travel around Latin America. A recent flight from Panama City to Santiago, Chile, for example, wasn’t short (at seven hours), but it was painless. On-time departure from Tocumen International…good service from Copa in the air…on-time arrival at Arturo Merino Benitez…then a quick, efficient, […]

05 Dec
Panama’s Gun Regulations

Panama’s Gun Regulations

I finally received my permanent residency card for Panama last week through the “Specific Countries” visa program that President Martinelli authorized with an Executive Order issued in May 2012. At the time, I was in Panama on a reforestation investment visa that required five renewals before permanent residency. Five years from temporary to permanent residency […]

26 Aug
Teak: A Turn-Key Investment Option Towards Residency

Teak: A Turn-Key Investment Option Towards Residency

Turn-Key Residency With Investment Upside Panama’s new “Specific Countries” residency visa program is one of the most turn-key in the world. Authorized through Executive Order by current Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli, this residency option is available to citizens of 47 specifically named countries. If you hold a passport for one of the 47 countries on [...]