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24 Jun
View of Panama City

The Best 4 Property Investment Markets In 2019

If I were just starting out as an investor today, with little capital and an eye to converting that capital as quickly as possible into a diversified global property portfolio, where would I invest? That’s the question I was asked bright and early this morning by a reader in town for this week’s Global Property Summit, […]

18 Feb
a man jumping from a cliff into the ocean

The Only Investing Principle That Works In Any Market

Let me tell you about one of the best investing lessons I’ve ever learned. When I was in elementary school, my family vacationed in Pula, an old Roman city on the Croatian seaside. Right next to the old town were tall cliffs, many over 50 feet high. Youngsters like myself would prove their courage by […]

21 Jan
bears bulls volatility

5 Secrets To Profit In The Face Of Market Volatility

Volatility Is Here To Stay—Here's How To Profit Earlier this month I introduced you to the guy I think of as my find of the decade. His name is Leon Wilfan. This is the guy I'm listening to as I work to expand my stock portfolio in the face of the current turmoil on Wall [...]
03 Dec
portimao, portugal beach

Five Flags: Comparing Panama And Portugal’s Citizenship, Residency, Real Estate, And Taxes

#1 Choice For Going Offshore In 2019 We Americans tend to dismiss Europe for overseas lifestyle and investment options, thinking this part of the world is too complicated or too expensive. The truth is that some European countries can be cheaper than destinations that might much sooner come to mind as top live and invest [...]
27 Sep
Global Investments, 100 dollar bill

Top 5 Global Investments To Suit Any Portfolio

How To Choose One Global Property Investment Over Another At the Retire Overseas Conference we hosted a few weeks ago in Las Vegas, the question I was most frequently asked was: Which of the real estate opportunities being presented as part of the program made the most sense for the attendee asking the question. I’m [...]
08 Feb
bitcoin in pocket

Revealed: The Only Crypto Investment Strategy That Makes Sense

Editor’s Note: Cryptocurrency is impossible to avoid these days: News of hacks, government squeezes, and fluctuating markets has saturated the media, with the world and his wife offering their two cents. Whether you’re a naysayer or blockchain enthusiast, my team strives to keep you as informed as possible on the subject. To that end, we […]

20 Feb
Currency Investing Scams: How To Recognize The Red Flags

Currency Investing Scams: How To Recognize The Red Flags

“I’m expecting a windfall payout imminently from a currency investment. When I receive it, I want to reinvest the proceeds in real estate overseas…” So wrote a reader a couple of years ago. He didn’t want to say what the investment was for fear of tipping off the marketplace, but, eventually, in a follow-up email, […]

20 Nov
Investing In Global Property In 2015

Investing In Real Estate

A trendy spot, beach or otherwise, can become trendy just because people begin to perceive it that way. Maybe a celebrity buys in a small town or a movie is filmed nearby or a reality show is shot on location…triggering the marketplace to believe there’s something cool or interesting about a place they’d previously never […]

02 Jun
wall street

UK Cemetery Plot Investment Returns 44% Annualized

About two years ago, I invested in cemetery plots in the UK. Specifically, I bought a 10-plot package and recommended that some of my premium readers do the same. Last week I heard from the agent who brokered the investment. He was contacting me to tell me that the developer behind the offer has received planning […]