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The Top Profitable Investments For 2023

22 Dec
Beach bungalow in tropical Pacific Ocean Island.

The Top Profitable Investments For 2023

My 2023 Profit Plan

You know my position…

Property is the ultimate safe bet.

It’s the key both to cash flow and to building wealth.

Markets are on the move worldwide, creating once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

How, specifically, can you get the best return on your money?

You need to know where to look, you need bargaining power, and you need to buy in markets moving up.

Let’s take a minute to run through some of the best deals on world-class properties on our radar as we head into 2023:

Panama remains top of my list

For short-term returns, and an additional cash injection I could then use to invest further, this turn-key housing project out of Panama is one you can comfortably make without ever leaving home.

You have no tenants, no extra costs, no finding buyers…

This new deal (which is more like a hard-money loan) stands out for its low capital requirement of just US$59,000 and a quick build time and return—30% in 24 months… plus, it’s completely hassle-free.

Choose to reinvest a small part of that payout and you can expand your portfolio even further…

Agri-investments are ideal for a crisis-proof steady cash flow

One project in Spain offers us the chance to diversify by both country and currency (you can choose to accept your payments in euros if you wish) for a total US$372k payout.

You can secure your own parcel of truffle-producing trees with a US$39,301 investment and see annual payouts of up to US$16k, landing straight into your bank account year after year—over the next 30 years.

Turn-key beach bungalow deal out of Brazil

Alternatively, if securing your own overseas getaway is important to you, this beach bungalow deal out of Brazil could hand you turn-key rental income, with an annual 10%+ ROI… along with a home on one of the most stunning coastlines in the world…

A beautiful beach in Brazil with white sandMy readers also qualify for an exclusive US$10k savings if you pay in cash, meaning you can secure your own income generating home on this beach for just US$67,000.

"The Hottest Island On The Med"

Or, (and admittedly this one put us just over budget, but it’s worth noting) if the Old World charm of Europe appeals to you: in one of my top destinations for 2023, a place Condé Nast already calls “The Hottest Island On The Med,” you can snap up your own beach property for less than US$85,000.

Choose to rent when you’re not around, and your island home could hand you a hassle-free 10% ROI. These properties sell out fast, however. I recommend you get in touch here today for full details.

Panama teak investment

And finally, for long-term income I’m looking to a proven crisis-proof asset: timber.

This Panama teak investment offers those of us willing to wait for our payout, a chance to earn US$94,000, by investing less than US$7,000.

It’s 100% turn-key, it’s tax-free in Panama, and comes with free-hold title.

That's a total investment of US$172,181

Opt for all four investments, and your portfolio would be well diversified with quick, mid-term, and long-term payouts…

And, important, it would be diversified by asset type, country, and currency.

My favorite investment in recent years is agriculture for cash flow. Over the past 20 years, I’ve accumulated considerable land assets and I’ve built a diversified portfolio of rental properties in several different countries.

The rentals throw off cash flow, but, as I move closer to retirement, I’m focused on expanding this income stream. Hence agriculture.

Productive land always retains its potential to make money. It is an excellent option for investors who want cash flow that can amount to a self-made retirement pension.

If all of my other investments were to fail, my agriculture investments should generate enough annual yield to cover my living expenses through retirement.

Then I’ll leave them to the kids when I don’t need them anymore. (The teak investment, in particular, is perfect as a legacy investment, as it’s a long-term investment with a lump payment of US$94k.)

But, as you can see, you have options.

Each of these investments stack up for different reasons. When you are looking with your own portfolio in mind, diversification should be key.

For more on each, simply follow the links below for more information. There is no obligation, just a way to see which, if any, might be right for you as you look to grow and diversify your portfolio in 2023:

Here’s to a stress-free, enjoyable, and prosperous retirement…

Lief Simon