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27 Oct
Paraguay river

Property, Stock, And Agricultural Investment Opportunities In Paraguay

“Paraguay is the world’s 10th-largest exporter of wheat. “It’s also the world’s eighth-largest beef exporter, seventh-largest exporter of corn, sixth-largest producer of soy, fifth-largest exporter of chia and soy flour, and fourth-largest exporter of yucca flour and soy oil. “The country has the third-largest barge fleet in the world (after the United States and China) […]

02 Jun
wall street

UK Cemetery Plot Investment Returns 44% Annualized

About two years ago, I invested in cemetery plots in the UK. Specifically, I bought a 10-plot package and recommended that some of my premium readers do the same. Last week I heard from the agent who brokered the investment. He was contacting me to tell me that the developer behind the offer has received planning […]

28 Oct
Banking And Champagne Tasting In France

Banking And Champagne Tasting In France

Traditionally, the sediment was removed by hand. However, this meant that a fair amount of champagne was lost. As each bottle was opened, the built up effervescence pushed out the sediment but, of course, some of the wine, too. The process was slow and very inefficient. Then, sometime in the 1970s, someone had the big […]

12 Aug
Interesting Investment Opportunities In Europe, Kenya, and More

Interesting Investment Opportunities In Europe, Kenya, and More

Irish Forestry Incentives And More Current Opportunities In Europe Traveling to six countries in four weeks (eight countries if you count airports) reminded me that opportunity can be found just about anywhere. It's a matter of what kind of opportunity you're in the market for. In Turkey, for example, the economy is reasonably strong, and [...]