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19 Jun
Do You Need an Offshore Corporation

Do You Really Need An Offshore Corporation?

Lief Simon’s Offshore Wealth Summit in Panama City this week is built around a series of workshops addressing the key concepts to do with “going offshore.” For each of these workshops, Lief has convened a panel of experts so as to provide, for each discussion, depth, breadth, and diversity of perspective and experience. One of […]

06 Oct
anti capitalism. It seems everyone hates capitalism these days.

The Rise Of Anti-Capitalism: The Death Of Free Trade?

4 Predictions For Our Anti-Capitalist World The world seems to hate capitalism these days. Teresa May, Britain’s new anti-capitalism prime minister, just outlined her goals. She railed against the "international elite." I think that term might include you and me; I’m not sure. According to the Financial Times, PM May set out an "agenda of [...]
22 Apr
How To Make Your Personal Going Offshore Plan

How To Make Your Personal Going Offshore Plan

The Easiest Way I Know To Piece Together Your Personal Offshore Diversification Plan I spoke last week with a reader who is all set to move himself and all his assets offshore. He already has a second passport and has made a connection with a banker in Switzerland. He has business contacts in several countries [...]
08 Mar
Michigan Lottery Winner Accepting Food Stamps

Michigan Lottery Winner Accepting Food Stamps

Why Did Ireland Implode? (And What Can We Learn From That Debacle?) A top news story this morning is about a woman in Michigan who won US$1 million in the lottery. She took the lump-sum payout option and, after taxes, came away with US$500,000. The story isn't about her winning the lottery, but about the [...]