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24 Jun
View of Panama City

The Best 4 Property Investment Markets In 2019

If I were just starting out as an investor today, with little capital and an eye to converting that capital as quickly as possible into a diversified global property portfolio, where would I invest? That’s the question I was asked bright and early this morning by a reader in town for this week’s Global Property Summit, […]

11 Apr
Panama and Colombia split image. Medellin Botero sculpture garden and Bay of Panama

Comparing Panama And Colombia: Living, Retiring, And Investing

While both have so much to offer right now, Panama and Colombia couldn’t be more different. I’ve been alerting you to the opportunities on offer in these countries for years. I first recommended Panama for retirement and investment 20 years ago, and I began heartily endorsing Colombia, specifically Medellín, a decade ago. How do these […]

04 Apr
Beach in Brazil in front of city

Top Countries Where U.S. Dollars Get You A Big Discount

Put Your Strong Dollar To Work In These 4 Top Markets If you're holding U.S. dollars, 2019 is the best year in a long time for harnessing your buying power abroad. The dollar's current strength is creating some amazing bargains in countries that trade properties in their local currency. I call this temporary distortion a [...]
15 Aug
Latin America is full of property markets that offer much upside.

How Old Stereotypes Can Lead To Property Investing Profits

Since 2001, I’ve picked some of the world’s best places to live… places that stood out because of their fantastic lifestyle, rich culture, and low cost of living. Walking the cobblestones of Spanish colonial cities… enjoying the convenient city living in a world capital… enjoying the world’s best weather… and beachfront living on a tropical […]

14 Apr

Why Foreign Property Is The Ultimate Vehicle For Portfolio Diversification

Lief: “Diversification. I see real estate as the ultimate vehicle for diversification—across countries, markets, economies, politics, currencies, asset types…” Lee: “For a better retirement. I’ve made several real estate purchases in different countries now, and in each case I’ve started the search with the question: Where do my wife and I want to be? We […]

18 Oct
Investor Residency In Colombia

Investor Residency In Colombia

I had the chance to return to Colombia last month for the Live and Invest Overseas conference in Medellin. After that visit and the opportunity to meet again with developer, investor, property, and banker contacts there, I’m happy to report that Colombia makes as much sense for investment today as it did when I first started looking […]

10 Sep
Safety And Crime In Medellin, Colombia

Safety And Crime In Medellin, Colombia

I’m in Medellin this week for the Live and Invest Overseas conference. Kathie and I have been writing about Medellin and Colombia for nearly three years. We began spending time in this city two years ago, and we purchased an apartment here, that we’ve since renovated, a year ago.

20 Aug
Timing Currency Exchange For Property Purchase In Colombia

Timing Currency Exchange For Property Purchase In Colombia

Buy Colombia Now I don't try to time currency fluctuations, but, last week, my banker in Colombia e-mailed to tell me the Colombian government announced they would purchase US$300 million over the next few weeks. She thought, therefore, it might be a good time to transfer some money down there if I need to. Indeed, [...]
30 Jul
Don't Let Your Friends Talk You Out Of It

Don’t Let Your Friends Talk You Out Of It

That question was posed to Jackson by one of his cousins while Jack was visiting family in the States last month. The conversation between the two 12-year-olds had to do with Jackson’s summer travel plans. He’d mentioned that we were going to be spending a couple of weeks in Medellin at our apartment there and […]