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09 Nov
Puente de Piedra, Logroño, Spain

11% Yields In Spanish Wine Country

We could debate the best country in Europe on several counts, such as natural beauty, economics, doing business, or investing in properties… But Spain can’t be matched for lifestyle. With its amazing food and wine culture, laid-back ambiance, and warm weather, you’ll find no other country quite like it. And there’s no better place to enjoy [...]
30 Nov
Crisis Investing Markets To Watch

Crisis Investing: 3 Markets To Watch

Argentina is another market in the midst of economic crisis that you should be paying attention to right now. The presidential elections earlier this month may signal a positive turning point for this country. President-Elect Mauricio Macri has his work cut out for him, but if he can effect positive change without alienating all the […]

05 Jan
The Five Best Places To Invest In Real Estate In 2015

Top Property Investment Markets For 2015

A chart of Argentina’s economic activity over the last century could have been used as the blueprint for one of the rollercoasters I rode with my kids at Universal Studios in Orlando last week. Up and down, up and down, right now this market is way down, very close to another bottom. The last bottom […]

14 Jun
Junk Markets in Spain and Greece Present Opportunities For Bargain Property Hunters

Junk Markets in Spain and Greece Present Opportunities For Bargain Property Hunters

One Person's Junk... Greece's credit rating with Moody's is already in "junk" territory, and, yesterday, Spain was downgraded to just above junk quality. Things are getting interesting in Europe. A few weeks ago, I recommended that, given the current and trending status of the euro versus the U.S. dollar, as well as the disastrous local [...]