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11 Aug
Famous city of Riomaggiore in Italy

The 5 Best Easy Options For Establishing Residency Overseas

Most countries in the world require a criminal background check when you apply for residency. These can vary from a certification by your local police to a full background check from Interpol and the FBI. Several times a week we receive emails from readers wondering if there’s any way around those checks. I guess they’re […]

15 Apr
Beautiiful medieval villages of Abruzzo, Italy

Bargain Real Estate And A Warm Welcome In Abruzzo, Italy

Italy has had my attention for years… though probably not for the same reasons it captures so many Americans’ imaginations. Specifically, what interests me is the effect demographics are having on this country… and the opportunities they are creating. From the mid-1980s until 2000, Italy had zero increase in population. Over the last 18 years, […]

18 Nov
Green field of potato crops in a row

Investing In Productive Land To Prepare For Coming Food Shortages

A study by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine calls out the danger to food security created by an overweight global population. Larger bodies require more energy even when sitting still. The global population is expected to grow by 1.9 billion people between now and the year 2050. The added strain on the […]

19 Aug
Retire Well On Little In France Or Italy

Retire Well On Little In France Or Italy

Could The Average Retiree Really Afford To Retire To France Or Italy? A consulting client I spoke with the other day was surprised when I suggested that he could live in Europe on his retirement pension of US$2,200 a month...including in either France or Italy, the two countries that interest him. What About Taxes? If [...]