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28 Jun
map with flags planted on different countries

Why You Should Diversify Your Life Offshore And How I Started

“Think back,” my editor wife counseled… “Why, originally, did you want to go offshore?” Here in Paris Kathleen and I have more time for reflection. Separate and distant from the day-by-day responsibilities of the office in Panama, we’re more flexible in every way. Instead of rushing to the office each morning and diving into our […]

28 Nov
Your Best Financial Strategy Now That Trump Has Won. Donald trump pointing the finger at the camara in a suit with a blue tie

Your Best Financial Strategy Now That Trump Has Won

The U.S. elections are finally over, and now the talking heads have moved on to discuss the minutiae of Donald Trump’s transition plans. Meanwhile, friends, colleagues, readers, and consulting clients are writing each day to ask what Trump’s victory means for me… How am I adjusting my holdings, my investment plans, and my Plan B […]

16 Jan
brazil - Minha casa, minha vida investment opportunity in Brazil

Investment Opportunity In Brazil

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to a new opportunity in Brazil. The response has been strong, and one of the biggest reasons is that the developer allows investors to choose the currency for their investments from among several hard currencies, including the U.S. dollar, euro, British pound, Canadian dollar, and Singapore dollar. […]

09 Dec

Bitcoin Investment

A reader chastised me a few months ago for not having reported on Bitcoin in this e-letter (or anywhere, for that matter). Of course, I’d heard about Bitcoin, but I hadn’t paid much attention to it…until the reader’s comment.Since then, I’ve taken a closer look. My conclusion? Tulipmania.In Amsterdam between November 1636 and February 1637, […]

24 Oct
Looking Ahead To A Possible Financial Meltdown

Looking Ahead To A Possible Financial Meltdown

At the end of September, the national bank of Panama shut down the entire ATM system countrywide over a weekend to upgrade the programming… Small inconvenience at the time. Now, a month later, the situation has moved from minor inconvenience to big pain in the neck. People using foreign debit cards to try to withdraw […]