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Obtaining Individual Sovereignty In 8 Steps

27 Jun
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Obtaining Individual Sovereignty In 8 Steps

How To Become Self-Sovereign

You can’t create your own sovereign nation and name yourself king…

But you can do the next best thing.

You can live your life on your terms, largely freeing yourself of government interference, and you can become ruler of your own legal island.

I’m talking about “Individual Sovereignty.”

What does Self-Sovereignty look like… and how do you achieve it?

Here’s a road map.

To become Self-Sovereign, you must assure yourself:

Step #1: Freedom Of Movement By Securing A Second Residency Or Citizenship

This means you can leave your home country when you choose.

People who had options like these were able to leave the United States during the COVID-19 lockdowns… and they will be able to do so again when the next disaster strikes. They will continue to live freer because they have secured a second residency permit or a second citizenship.

Step #2: Freedom To Choose Your Tax Rate

If you are an American living and earning income abroad, the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE) is your greatest ally. If you qualify, you can exclude up to US$108,700 per person for tax year 2021 and up to US$112,000 for tax year 2022. There are also foreign housing tax deductions you can claim to further reduce your taxable income by tens of thousands of dollars, depending on where you live.

Step #3: Freedom From Litigation And Liability

More than 40 million lawsuits are filed in the United States every year.

Find yourself the victim of one, and, even if you beat it, you could face thousands of dollars in legal bills. By incorporating a litigation-shielding offshore company (an IBC, for example) in a jurisdiction like Saint Kitts and Nevis or Belize, you can hinder any attempt by an ex-spouse, ex-client, ex-patient, or anyone else from suing you.

Step #4: Freedom From Privacy Invasion

Our privacy is under constant attack in this digital age. It’s too easy for people to find out what you own, where you keep it, and how they can get hold of it. By using an offshore corporate structure in a high-privacy jurisdiction like Saint Kitts and Nevis or Belize, you can shield your assets from prying eyes.

Step #5: Freedom From Crime

The U.S. murder rate increased 30% between 2019 and 2020… and we’re all too aware that there has been at least one mass shooting event per day on average so far this year. The murder rate in Portugal is one-sixth that of the United States. You get my point. You have options for living safer.

Step #6: Freedom From Cybercrime And Hackers

You can avoid 98% of the digital dangers to your privacy by taking a few simple steps with your electronic communication—encrypting your emails, using a VPN, and investing a good antivirus software.

Step #7: Economic Freedom

Inflation is exceeding 8% in the United States this year, which is many times the deposit interest rate available from a bank. By diversifying your investments across countries and currencies, you reduce market and exchange rate risks while sourcing higher-yielding investments at the same time.

Best inflation-beating investment option?

Real estate. It is and always will be the last asset class standing.

Step #8: Legal Freedom

Achieving legal freedom can be as easy as having your offshore company handle all your investments, leaving a potential litigant with nothing worth suing you for.

Legal freedom can also mean the freedom to live the way you want to live.

Recreational drugs are not a crime everywhere in the world, for example…

Lief Simon