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22 Feb
behind panama economy, a view form cerro ancon, the city lanscape and the sea

What’s Really Behind Panama’s Booming Economy?

What's Fueling This Boom? (And, No, It's Not Too Late For You To Get In) The economy of the country where you decide to relocate is important... because a healthy economy means money flowing through the place. It also helps to support a safe and stable climate generally. Panama has the most robust economy in [...]
22 Oct
Offshore Bank Account

How To Open An Offshore Bank Account

Yesterday, day one of the Global Asset Protection and Wealth Summit Lief is hosting in Panama City this week, he and I had lunch with banker friends in town for the conference. One, with 30 years of experience in the global banking industry, sat down, looked around the table, and said: “I wish I hadn’t […]

14 Aug

The Risks Involved With Using Workarounds Overseas

Throughout the years, I’ve had people tell me I’ve been wrong when I’ve suggested to them that certain things couldn’t be done. They’ve insisted I was wrong because, they’ve assured me, they had been able to do whatever it was I was saying couldn’t be done. They’d done it themselves, no problem. Recently, for example, […]

30 Jun

How To Travel Safely With Your Credit Cards

Kathleen and I leave in the morning for a month on the road. I called my credit card companies this morning to let them know. I don’t hold out much hope that that effort will have any real effect. My cards will still get cut off; it’s just a question of how often. The credit […]

01 May
How To Plan For Your Estate

How To Plan For Your Estate

A banker friend in Belize who speaks at many of the conferences my wife Kathleen Peddicord’s publishing group sponsors likes to ask the following question as part of his presentations: “What happens to your bank account (in Belize) if you and your banker, and only you and your banker, know about its existence…and you die?” […]