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25 Jul
Hydroponics vegetables growing in plastic pipes

The Best Investment Opportunity Of Your Life

The Coming Food Catastrophe Is The Greatest Investment Opportunity Of Our Lifetimes Where are America’s billionaires flocking for safe, high yields? The same place where you can beat inflation… and earn a three-quarters-of-a-million-dollar payout. This is where the big money is positioning itself right now. If you’re doing something different, I’d recommend you think again. [...]
14 Jan
lettuce hydroponics thailand

Final Chance To Invest In Aquaponics Before The Price Rises

Agricultural production using aquaponics technology is on the rise… and so is the cost of investing in the opportunity that this fast-growing trend represents. Three years ago, in the course of my ongoing search for cash-flowing real estate opportunities, I identified a specific aquaponics project offering a turnkey option for individual investors projecting returns up […]

08 Jun
Avocado Plantation Investment

New Organic Avocado Plantation Investment Returns 16% Annually

Panama Avocado Plantation Sold Out—This Is Your Last Chance To Get In As I remind you often, when you find a flag-planting opportunity that interests you, you should take advantage of it while it's available because, in the offshore world, things change. Usually, when I make this point I'm referring to residency programs, banking opportunities, [...]
23 Mar

Agriculture And Productive Land Are The Biggest Current Property Investment Opportunity

An important focus at last week’s Global Property Summit in Panama was agriculture. As we discussed with the help of agricultural and other relevant industry experts, an investment in productive land is the biggest opportunity of our age. The global population will surpass 9 billion by 2050. The percentage of undernourished people around the world […]

26 Feb
View from Q1 looking north

Lief Simon Hosts Annual Global Property Summit In Panama

Investing pre-construction, which gained a bad rap post-2008, is again a viable option. If you were a pre-construction investor stung by losses in pre-2008 bubble markets from Florida to Spain, you may be understandably wary. However, in certain markets, pre-construction is again interesting. I recommend you take a look at Istanbul, for example, where the […]

12 Feb
Turn-Key Agriculture Investments From Timber To Fruit

Turn-Key Agriculture Investments From Timber To Fruit

The best investment during the 20-year period from 1994 to 2013 was U.S. farmland. That’s the conclusion of a recent report in The Economist, which also considered farmland in Britain, U.S. stocks, international stocks, gold, U.S. T-Bills, U.S. forestry, and commodities. Based on the annualized returns and including appreciation of the land, U.S. farmland outperformed […]

07 Nov
Agricultural Land Investment

Agricultural Land Investment

Last week I wrote about biofuels and the opportunity they will present in Europe over the coming years. This week a friend in the timber and agriculture business forwarded me an industry report he receives quarterly. Some of it was statistics to do with the fundamentals that you’d see in any discussion about investing in […]