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The Best Investment Opportunity Of Your Life

25 Jul
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The Best Investment Opportunity Of Your Life

The Coming Food Catastrophe Is The Greatest Investment Opportunity Of Our Lifetimes

Where are America’s billionaires flocking for safe, high yields?

The same place where you can beat inflation… and earn a three-quarters-of-a-million-dollar payout.

This is where the big money is positioning itself right now. If you’re doing something different, I’d recommend you think again.

For a decade-and-a-half, Live And Invest Overseas has led the way in a quiet revolution helping thousands of readers become truly diversified, both in their lifestyles and their investments.

Now our quiet revolution is becoming a global stampede.

Inflation is at a 40-year high…

The stock market is down 21%—its worst first half since the 1970s…

And millions of Americans have been warned their next 401(k) statement “may be alarming”…

As folks all across the country fear for their financial futures, the previously overlooked investment opportunity that I’ve been recommending for years is now grabbing the spotlight.

The world’s richest and most successful investors have made their fortunes in many ways, but there is one common thread for many of them:

Real estate is a core part of their investment strategy.

And one particular niche, long favored as a hedge against inflation, is fast becoming the biggest investment trend of the century.

This is where you need to look for safe, long-term profits.

I’m talking about agriculture.

Bloomberg puts it this way:

“Farmland Draws Investor Interest, With Inflation Running Hot”…

And the Financial Times reports that:

“Investors Seeking Inflation Hedge Snap Up Farmland.”

Historically, the problem has been that, as a typical solo investor, you need someone by your side to show you how it all works and where, specifically, to invest. This is not something your broker or a Google search can help with.

Why You Need To Look At Agri-Investments Right Now

Let me ask you:

Would you like to grow your wealth with a safe investment offering returns as high as 1,038%, one that, for the past 150 years, has consistently outperformed stocks?

Do you like the idea of adding an extra US$171k, US$670k… or even US$752k to your nest egg?

How about a second pension check for US$34,000 every year for 15 years?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then please read on, because that’s exactly what’s on the table right now.

No matter how big or small your investment portfolio, it should include agriculture.

We live in a world with an exploding population and dwindling arable land.

We’re looking at more than 9 billion people on this planet by the middle of this century, a sobering reality that is translating to a global race for farmland and food security.

Experts estimate the global demand for food will increase by 70%.

Back in 2019, I warned:

“The stock market is dead. The big money is in food production now.”

You don’t need me to tell you how that prediction has played out…

“UN chief warns of ‘catastrophe’ from global food shortage” — AP News

“Food prices soar to 40-year highs” — NBC News

“G7 Summit leaders Promise US$4.7 billion to address food security” — New York Times

Food prices are soaring, supermarket shelves are empty… and solving a global food crisis has become the top priority for every government in the world.

This is bigger than Tesla, Amazon, or Apple.

This is the biggest supply-versus-demand investment opportunity in the world.

But the costs associated with buying up vast tracts of farmland or investing in high-tech research has meant this was an investment opportunity reserved entirely for the “Big Money”…

You and I are left on the sidelines to find other ways to take a position in this market.

That’s why I’ve been working over the past 15 years to identify opportunities for individual investors like you and me to profit from the growing global demand for food.

Productive land always retains its potential to make money.

Since 1991, farmland has produced a positive return every year, generating an average annual return of 11.5%… and farmland is now worth 52 times what it was worth at the start of the century, according to the USDA.

Regardless whether we’re in a booming economy or a depression, people still need to eat.

Most of us can’t buy up large swathes of land like Ted Turner, Michael Burry… or Bill Gates, who recently snapped up US$171 million worth of farmland.

No, we don’t have hundreds of millions of dollars to invest… but, in fact, we can do better than that. Those mammoth market players have the right idea, but the projects we work with offer greater projected returns… as much as 16% IRR and more.

Plus, we don’t need to deal with the expense or hassle of managing land ourselves.

What’s more, we’re looking at places where your dollar goes further than it has in the last almost 20 years—handing you a nice currency discount.

That is why, on Thursday, July 28, my team and I have planned a one-of-a-kind program to arm you with everything you need to set up your own High-Yield Wealth Protection Plan within weeks.

And here’s the important thing to remember: Even if you are not ready to act right now on the information we’ll share with you, you do owe it to yourself to get informed and at least have a plan to protect your wealth.

The three projects we’ll explore on July 28 are all perfect options for investors who want regular cash returns—cash flow that can amount to a self-made pension to help fund your retirement…

And a way to build your nest egg safely outside the whims of a volatile stock market, and whatever is coming for the U.S. economy.

Best of all, all are 100% hassle-free.

Agriculture ranks #1 in our overseas investments for a number of reasons:

As a way to diversify in currency, asset class, and location. Outside the volatility and stress of the stock market…

An investment that can last well through retirement, with steady annual payouts for 20 years, 30 years, and longer…

A hard asset… something tangible that can be resold in case cashing out makes more sense than a steady paycheck…

An easy, 100% turn-key investment… with no “overseas” admin hassle. The only work that should be done is sending the bank account number once for the automated payments…

Agri-investing offers a unique set of benefits, but how can you decide which investment opportunity makes sense for you, right now?

What can you expect as far as investment return?

And where, specifically, should you be looking to put your money right now in these uncertain times?

Don’t worry—we’ll make it easy for you…

Our High-Yield, Wealth Protection Webinar will reveal everything you need to make an informed decision and know you’re getting the best deal.

Here Are The Details:

Thursday, July 28, at 10 a.m. EDT

Online, from the comfort of your own home

In this exclusive new online webinar, I will be joined by our leading contacts on the ground around the world. Together, we’ll present insights, information, and exclusive deals you can use to grow your wealth with returns of up to US$752,000—safely outside the stock market and today’s economic uncertainty.

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What’s On The Agenda?

During the webinar, I will provide you access to exclusives deals from developers around the world, as well as insights and up-to-date information on what you need to know before investing in agriculture and productive land, including:

  • Why Agri-Investing Should Be On Your Radar Right Now—What’s the real story behind this asset class and why it’s the perfect way to safeguard your wealth?
  • Global Investment Strategies For Mid-, And Long-Term Opportunities—From fast returns, annual payouts for 30 years, to long-term wealth legacy building, we’ll spotlight your best options for 2022 and well beyond…
  • Exit Strategies—This is about investing in hard assets, you have options if you decide you need to cash out early…
  • Exclusive Deals—Reserved For Webinar Attendees Only. I have developed close relationships with these developers. The result? We’ve been able to secure discounts of up to US$10,000, exclusive payment plans, and much more…

Then mark your calendar, keep an eye on your inbox for your access details… and be sure to join us July 28.

But we know it’s all too easy to miss out on an event like this because you forgot… lost track of time… or missed the email reminder.

To help, we’ve created a VIP Reminder Service.

No one can say for sure what will happen in the United States tomorrow or the next day.

But we do know this for certain…

Regardless of what is going on right now, you need to look for profit opportunities that can weather any future storms.

This special online High-Yield Wealth Protection Plan Webinar will arm you with all the support, guidance, and access you need to profit in an all too often overlooked safe market.

You’ll have access to the entirety of the webinar, which will last about 2 hours.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like.

And, once the webinar is over, you’ll receive free access to the online recordings of the complete High-Yield Wealth Protection Plan.

Lief Simon