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04 May
gold nuggets

The Money Super Cycle And How You Can Use It To Your Advantage

The Money Super Cycle Is Ending—Here’s How You Profit If you've been following the financial world, then you've probably come across the phrase "super cycle." Typically, it's related to commodities, such as the gold super cycle, the oil super cycle, or the copper super cycle. The premise is that these commodities move in decades-long super [...]
02 Apr
coronavirus and money

Two Things To Check Before Investing During The Coronavirus

This Is The Time To Get Rich "F.E.A.R. has two meanings—Forget Everything And Run, or, Face Everything And Rise. The choice is yours." I love this quote so much. It applies to almost every challenge we face in life. Including the one investors face right now. There aren't many who would dare to buy stocks [...]
26 Dec
nest egg investing in your future

Free Lesson On The Best Portfolio Management Strategy

This Childhood Chore Taught Me That Some Classic Investment Advice Is Plain Wrong I come from humble beginnings. The village I grew up in had fewer than a hundred houses… most of them farms. The nearest town was several miles away. My family’s trips to the grocery store had to be well planned, and we [...]
21 Oct
3 dividend aristocrats to invest in

Looking For Retirement Cash Flow? These 3 Dividend Aristocrats Could Be Your Ticket

Looking For Retirement Cash Flow? These 3 Dividend Aristocrats Could Be Your Ticket I have identified three home-run cash-flow recommendations. These stocks belong to a rare group called the dividend aristocrats. Meaning they are frequent payers that have been increasing their dividends for over 25 years. Moreover, their business growth has been consistent, even during [...]
19 Sep
chinese stocks to buy during the trade wa image showing coins and currency

These 3 Chinese Stocks Are Winning The Trade War

3 Ways To Win The Trade War I've been talking about the U.S.-China trade war a lot lately. You could even say I've been banging this drum too much. But how can one resist covering it when there are so many exciting related stories to tell? And, more important, so many ways to profit from [...]