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Author: Con Murphy

22 Jan
Paradise beach in Placencia, tropical coast of Belize, Caribbean Sea, Central America

What I Found At “Pleasant Point”

Driving down the peninsula on smooth roads baked by the tropical sun, it suddenly struck me that I hadn’t been to Placencia in southern Belize in nearly 10 years. As I came closer to the end of my journey, there I was, stunned by what I found. High-quality developments, great restaurants, a friendly atmosphere that [...]
22 Jun
Santorini Window View with Flowers

The Best Golden Visa Programs In The World

3 Top Golden Visas In February, the offshore world was rocked by the news that Portugal was canceling its Golden Visa program. As Lief covered in Monday’s letter, that program is still going as of today… and probably has a few more months left to run. If you still want to apply—check out Lief’s interview [...]
03 Feb
Hydroponic tomatoes growing in a greenhouse

Hydroponic Agriculture: Our Ticket Out Of A Crisis

One of my favorite Hemingway quotes is: “How did you go bankrupt?” “Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.” That’s the situation facing America’s oldest industry. It’s going bankrupt slowly at the moment, but, if the industry doesn’t change radically, the foreclosure will come suddenly. A vital resource is running low… one that takes thousands or millions […]

10 Jan
Skyline of Manila City and Manila Bay

The Best Property Markets For Investment In 2022

World’s Top Property Markets For 2022 It's a new year of real estate investing, and after a crisis-filled 2021, there is plenty of opportunity available around the globe right now. Indeed, there are fantastic deals out there... but only if you know where to look. Today's issue introduces you to the six best property markets [...]