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21 Dec
Hydroponics plantation farm, lettuce.

Hydroponic Farming—The One Investment You Simply Need To Have

The stock market continues in record high territory. There will be a correction… very soon. More than 6 million people in the U.S. are collecting unemployment benefits compared to less than 2 million people this time last year. Many of those lost jobs are not going to return. The disconnect between what’s happening in the […]

30 Aug
Lief at aquaponics in Thailand

Thailand Aquaponics Project (And Profits) Continue To Grow

Earn Up To 14.5% Quick-Flowing Cash From This Now Proven Investment Two years ago I made a quick trip from France to Thailand to visit with a developer embarking on a new agricultural opportunity that piqued my interest. The developer Andrew was launching an aquaponics/hydroponics project to grow lettuce and fish to sell into the [...]
15 Dec
Thailand is leading in Aquaponics farming. | Investing In Thailand Aquaponics

Investing In Thailand Aquaponics: The Future Of Farming

Passive income traditionally comes in three categories—interest, dividends, and rent. For my own portfolio, I’ve long focused on rental income. A rental property can be a great cash flow generator. Over the last several years, I’ve expanded my thinking about options for earning rental income to include agricultural properties. Like a beach house or condo, […]