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29 Apr
San Francisco Beach View At Golden Hour

How To Escape The Doom Loop

For my wife’s birthday our annual tradition is to go out for Ethiopian food in San Francisco. We live just outside the city in Marin county, a collection of small suburban communities that requires crossing the Golden Gate bridge to get to downtown San Fran. Typically, my kids and I take my wife to this [...]
15 Apr
Beautiful arial view on famous white spanish village Frigiliana, Andalusia, Spain

How To Get Started In Overseas Real Estate

How do you get started investing in real estate overseas? To borrow a page from Nike’s playbook… You just do it. You take the plunge. You can’t wait until you’re fully prepared and you know everything. Neither of those things will ever be true, and no matter how many overseas property investments you make, you’ll [...]
23 Mar
agricultural land growing

Why I’m Glad That I Hold The World’s Most Valuable Asset

Here’s What To Do Today To Prepare For The Pain And Hardship We’re Facing The death rate from the coronavirus won’t make a dent in the global population even if 100% of us catch the bug. That is: The human race is not going to become extinct. Economies and markets will recover, too… eventually. We’re [...]