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20 Jul
Offshore Banking in Andorra

Can One Bad Apple Bring Down Offshore Banking In Andorra?

Five years ago, when the U.S. FATCA law had just been passed and the effects it would have on non-U.S. banks were a hot topic for speculation, a banker I knew from Andorra made a remark to me along the lines of: “We’ll all go back to goat herding before we roll over for the […]

06 Oct
How To Diversify Your Financial Life Offshore

How To Diversify Your Financial Life Offshore

What would an ideally globally diversified financial life look like? I could imagine as many answers to that question as people asking it. However, I’d also identify key common denominators that should be part of any global diversification strategy. If you’re just getting started at this, here’s the most important thing to understand: This doesn’t […]

26 May
Filing Your FBAR

Tips For Filing Your FBAR

A friend I caught up with last week in Medellin, an American, told me with a grin that he’d already completed and filed his FBAR for this year. He was pleased with himself for getting  it in early…until I reminded him that, starting this year, the FBAR must be filed electronically. My friend had filled […]

24 Mar
Lief Simon

How To Choose An Offshore Bank

At last week’s Live and Invest in Belize Conference, I was able to catch up with Belize contacts and friends. I learned two specific things from my discussions and meetings that I think are worth passing along. The first is that Belize now requires all IBCs to confirm to their registered agents that they are […]

23 Jun
Offshore Banking In Belize

How To Pay Less In Overseas Bank Fees

From wire fees to minimum monthly account fees and ATM fees, the little bites that are taken out of every overseas transaction you make are increasing. When we moved to Panama five years ago, we weren’t charged a fee when withdrawing money from a local ATM, not even when that ATM wasn’t associated with our […]

15 Nov
In The Room With The Heaviest Hitters In The Offshore World

In The Room With The Heaviest Hitters In The Offshore World

How To Go Offshore: You Can Do It Yourself (Shocker) This week's Offshore Summit has been organized around a series of panel discussions, one for each of the Five Flags being considered. Yesterday morning, Mark Nestmann, one of the world's leading experts in offshore residency and second citizenship, led a panel discussion related to choosing [...]