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10 Mar
A man using online bank account

How To Open An Offshore Bank Account

Last year, Lief hosted his Global Asset Protection and Wealth Summit in Panama City. On day one of the conference, he and I had lunch with banker friends in town. One, with 30 years of experience in the global banking industry, sat down, looked around the table, and said: “I wish I hadn’t been so […]

15 Sep
A couple trying to open an offshore bank account.

Offshore Banking

How And Where To Open An Offshore Bank Account The best first step you can take to internationalizing your life (one that we strongly recommend you make a plan to take as soon as possible, if you haven’t done so already) is to open an offshore bank account. It’s a simple, straightforward recommendation. However, if [...]
15 Sep
A person stamping and authenticating documents for foreign paperwork.

Authenticating Documents

Untangling The Web Of International Document Authentication There’s no escaping it, and there’s no shortcut. What’s more, your foreign attorney can’t do it for you. We’re talking about the international document authentication that’s required when you submit official documents in another country. As you begin to expand your horizons beyond the shores of your home country, [...]

Key Offshore Topics

Offshore 101: Getting Educated About The Offshore World Going Offshore. Going offshore has in recent years become a more mainstream idea. Back in the 90s going offshore was thought to be only for criminals, drug lords, or tax dodgers. These days the offshore world is far from a foreign idea. What is FATCA? The Foreign Asset Tax Compliance [...]
25 Aug
Offshore Banks are a complex matter these days.

Why I Don’t Recommend Offshore Banks Anymore (From An Offshore Expert)

Banking overseas is more challenging today than it’s ever been and more challenging all the time thanks to the constantly changing landscape. One week, one bank will open an account for Americans. The next week it won’t. Another bank that required a US$100,000 minimum bank balance increases that requirement to US$500,000… and then reduces it […]

21 Jan
Offshore Banking In Belize

Is Offshore Banking In Belize Still A Safe Strategy?

Kathleen and I flew from Panama to Belize City Tuesday morning for this week’s Live and Invest in Belize Conference. Passing through the airport, we picked up a copy of the local paper. Big topic in the press and on everybody’s mind in this country is banking. Belize is being beaten up and knocked around […]

28 Dec
going offshore priorities

Priorities For Going Offshore In 2016

I have more than a dozen bank accounts outside the United States, most associated with various businesses and investments. I have two accounts for every entity, but few entities have more than two. Why would anyone want or need more than two accounts for a single entity? The de-risking era is answering that question for […]

10 Aug
Diversification Strategy: Planting Five Flags

The Diversification Strategy Of Planting Five Flags

I’m reviewing and clarifying my ideas related to the Five Flags theory of diversification in preparation for my opening remarks at the Wealth Summit I’m hosting in Panama in October. If you’re new to the idea, the Five Flags are to do with residency, citizenship, banking, assets, and business. Not everyone needs all five flags […]