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18 Dec
Big Changes In Portugal

3 Big Changes In Portugal

From record-breaking international interest to the cancellation of the highly popular real estate investment category of its golden visa program, Portugal has had a whirlwind 2023. Does this country still make sense for property investors as we make our way into 2024? We’re putting together an event in April next year that can help you answer [...]
26 Oct
Aerial view of Panama City, Panama

The Truth About What We Did In Panama

Sometimes people wonder why they should attend a Live And Invest Overseas conference, when they’re already receiving updates like this letter on a regular basis… Well, for one thing, there’s no substitute for meeting our experts in person. You get to break bread with them, ask them any question you like—and get an answer right [...]
15 Apr
Costa Nova, Portugal.

Building An International Property Investment Portfolio

Investment professionals in the United States are trained on financial products. As a result, the investment and retirement portfolios that most of them recommend include paper investments only, in three categories—stocks, bonds, and cash.  Depending on your age and your risk tolerance, most financial advisors will tell you to put some percentage of your investment […]

19 Mar
In addition to stocks and bonds (and the mutual funds that invest in them), any investor with capital has opportunities to invest in many other assets.

Global Property Investing Made Easy—Here’s How

On stage at last week’s Global Property Summit in Panama City, with the help of friends, colleagues, and property experts from around the world, Lief Simon recounted personal tales of success… and of failure. He and the team of experts he’d gathered for the occasion shared hard-won wisdom with the benefit of hindsight and perspective. How […]

22 Jun
Panoramica Centro De Medellin

Top Seven Global Property Investment Markets For 2015

I spent a week in the Dominican Republic earlier this month, scouting property opportunities and hosting our Live and Invest in the Dominican Republic Conference. The DR is one of the most interesting property markets in the world right now. It’s also a dichotomy, offering very different kinds of property investment options. Punta Cana, for […]

10 Mar
Lief Simon

How To Buy And Profit From Real Estate Overseas

Many people think buying property in another country is a risk-filled quagmire that is too complicated to overcome. Certainly buying property in a location you’re not familiar with requires due diligence and research, but that’s true whether you’re living in Chicago and want to buy a lake house in Wisconsin or living in Chicago and […]

17 Sep
How To Buy Real Estate Overseas

How To Buy Real Estate Overseas

Pay For What You See "'Buy what you see,' you tell us all the time, Lief," wrote a reader recently. "Yet, at the same time, you promote pre-construction investments. How does that make any sense?" Perhaps I should adjust the mantra from "Buy what you see" to "Pay for what you see." Taken literally, Buy [...]