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26 Aug
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia skyline at dusk over the park.

Take Your Business Offshore To Operate Tax-Free

Exploring opportunities overseas is not only a strategy for diversifying your investment portfolio… but it’s also the best way I know to diversify your life—both your personal life and your professional one. That is, in today’s world, you can realize many benefits by taking your business offshore along with your investments and yourself—either your existing […]

21 Apr
Two Winners, Two Losers

How To Choose A Rental Investment Property In Panama City, Panama

The first viewing was a one-bedroom, two-bath apartment with a den on Avenida Balboa. The den could be converted into a small bedroom to make the unit a two-bedroom. Why did the developer not package the property this way in the first place? Probably due to concerns over zoning density. Other apartments along Avenida Balboa […]

23 Jan
Protecting Your Assets Offshore

Protecting Your Assets Offshore

Someone recently told me about a scam not uncommonly perpetrated in Panama. In Panama, when someone files a lawsuit against you, he can have your assets or at least part of your assets frozen while the suit is being argued to protect against you moving them out of the country before the case is settled. […]

06 Jan
Taking the most beneficial option under IRS regulations isn’t tax evasion. It’s using the rules to minimize your taxes burden.

Panama’s Recently Revoked Taxation Law

Last week, while we were all recovering from Christmas and preparing for New Year’s, the guy in charge of the tax department in Panama got an idea. “I know how to bring in more tax revenue,” this guy seems to have said to himself one morning. “I’ll change the country’s approach to taxation!” And in […]

04 Nov
Structuring Your Offshore Business

Structuring Your Offshore Business

A reader wrote last week asking me to name the best jurisdiction for setting up an offshore entity. I can’t answer that question, at least not simply, especially for a U.S. person who has complicated tax rules to consider. Before trying to identify where might be the best place for you to open an offshore […]

30 Sep
Investment Projections Per Expectation

Investment Projections Per Expectation

“I can project any return you like and back it up with real data. The problem is that, the higher the projected return, the lower the likelihood of hitting it.” I was meeting with a new development group as part of my due diligence work. The group is focused on agricultural investments in Latin America. […]

22 Aug
Panama By The Numbers

Panama By The Numbers

Panama By The Numbers “If you want to grow, you have to go to a place that’s growing.” --Panamanian businessman Jose Bern “Panama has three things going for it—location, location, location.” --Expat David Stubbs “Why should an expat or investor care about the economic situation in the country where he’s interested in living or investing?” [...]
12 Aug
Interesting Investment Opportunities In Europe, Kenya, and More

Interesting Investment Opportunities In Europe, Kenya, and More

Irish Forestry Incentives And More Current Opportunities In Europe Traveling to six countries in four weeks (eight countries if you count airports) reminded me that opportunity can be found just about anywhere. It's a matter of what kind of opportunity you're in the market for. In Turkey, for example, the economy is reasonably strong, and [...]