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06 Sep
Panama’s new “Specific Countries” residency program is the easiest and quickest way to establish permanent residency in this country, even to obtain a work permit.

What’s Panama’s New “Specific Countries” Residency Program?

Easy Residency And Even A Work Permit In Panama Here's the most important thing to understand about the "offshore world": The rules can (and do) change fast. You can't assume you understand something today (to do with establishing residency, obtaining citizenship, opening a bank account, etc.) because you researched it a month or two ago. [...]
30 Jul
Don't Let Your Friends Talk You Out Of It

Don’t Let Your Friends Talk You Out Of It

That question was posed to Jackson by one of his cousins while Jack was visiting family in the States last month. The conversation between the two 12-year-olds had to do with Jackson’s summer travel plans. He’d mentioned that we were going to be spending a couple of weeks in Medellin at our apartment there and […]

26 Jul
How To Establish Yourself In A New Country

How To Establish Yourself In A New Country

It Takes Time (And Shortcuts Are Usually Illegal, Expensive, Or Both) Here in Medellin, where we've been hanging out for the past two weeks, it's taken us about a year to go from looking for an apartment to living in one. And that's about how long it takes to put in place the personal infrastructure [...]
11 Jun
QRP Residency In Belize

QRP Residency In Belize

A back-up plan. That’s what many people are looking for right now. They don’t want to diversify globally altogether, but they do want to put a plan in place in case something happens and they feel like they have to get out of their home country in a hurry.

04 Jun
Safety Concerns In Mexico, Belize, And Elsewhere

Safety Concerns In Mexico, Belize, And Elsewhere

Report From The No-Go Zones I spent last week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and am this week in Belize City, Belize. Two places that the U.S. State Department thinks no American should visit. Way too dangerous. I'm not going to try to tell you that nothing bad has ever happened in Mexico or Belize. Parts [...]
07 May
Transportation Bill Allows IRS To Revoke U.S. Passports

Transportation Bill Allows IRS To Revoke U.S. Passports

I’d say that a second passport is a more critical piece of your global diversification plan right now than ever before.The U.S. Senate has passed a transportation bill that includes a section giving the IRS the power to revoke the passport of any American who the IRS decides might owe US$50,000 or more in taxes. […]

12 Apr
The World’s Best Foreign Residency Options

The World’s Best Foreign Residency Options

There's No Such Thing As The "Best" Way To Go Offshore I have a friend who is pursuing multiple residency options concurrently. He's in different stages of trying to establish residency in several different countries with an eye to eventually obtaining citizenship in each one, as well. He figures that at least one of the [...]
26 Jan
Safety And Crime In Medellin, Colombia

Travel Safety

Why Do We Keep Lying To Our Readers? As I'm in Medellin this week, I'm reminded of an e-mail from a reader from a few months ago. This reader was demanding a retraction of our endorsement of Medellin as a retirement and investment destination because he had done some Internet research and found "conclusive" information [...]