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Category: Citizenship

03 Feb
Expatriating Growing Rapidly in the U.S.

Expatriating Growing Rapidly In The U.S.

A reporter from the mainstream press contacted me recently asking if I could introduce him to an American who has given up his (or her) citizenship. The reporter is doing a story on the growing number Americans expatriating and wanted a firsthand story to tell. Unfortunately, none of the people I know who have expatriated […]

09 Jan
The Benefits Of A Second Passport can be many

Benefits Of A Second Passport

Panama is truly a convenient place to live if you want to travel around Latin America. A recent flight from Panama City to Santiago, Chile, for example, wasn’t short (at seven hours), but it was painless. On-time departure from Tocumen International…good service from Copa in the air…on-time arrival at Arturo Merino Benitez…then a quick, efficient, […]

19 Dec
managing your expectations

Managing Your Expectations When Living And Investing Offshore

The issue had to do with the mandatory insurance required with any car rental in Italy. The guy had bought insurance when he booked the car online through Orbitz (or whoever). However, he had bought Orbitz’s insurance, which didn’t include the mandatory local insurance. The guy’s response was, in short, too bad. His expectation was […]

05 Dec
Panama’s Gun Regulations

Panama’s Gun Regulations And Gun Permits For Expats

I finally received my permanent residency card for Panama last week through the “Specific Countries” visa program that President Martinelli authorized with an Executive Order issued in May 2012. At the time, I was in Panama on a reforestation investment visa that required five renewals before permanent residency. Five years from temporary to permanent residency […]

07 Oct
Moving Overseas: Easing Into The Expat Life

Moving Overseas: Easing Into The Expat Life

The Best Place To Take Your First Steps Offshore Panamanians don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, and, while they have it, Halloween’s not a big deal. As a result, the stores are all stocked with Christmas decorations by the end of September. Thanks to the long U.S. influence in this country, you can find Halloween candy in some [...]
13 Dec
Black Market Passports

Black Market Passports

Hey, Mister…Wanna’ Buy A Passport? Getting a second passport isn't easy unless you're born with more than one citizenship. My son Jackson was born in Ireland when they were still granting automatic citizenship to anyone born on Irish soil. This changed a few years after Jackson was born, because many "refugees" from Africa were manipulating [...]
15 Nov
In The Room With The Heaviest Hitters In The Offshore World

In The Room With The Heaviest Hitters In The Offshore World

How To Go Offshore: You Can Do It Yourself (Shocker) This week's Offshore Summit has been organized around a series of panel discussions, one for each of the Five Flags being considered. Yesterday morning, Mark Nestmann, one of the world's leading experts in offshore residency and second citizenship, led a panel discussion related to choosing [...]
15 Oct
Challenges Of Building A Home Overseas

Challenges Of Building A Home Overseas

What's Wrong With This Picture? Last week, friend Paul Terhorst sent me a picture of a security chain lock on the door of the room in the hotel where he's staying in Laos. The thing was installed backwards, effectively making the lock useless. When I looked at the photo, I shook my head and thought [...]