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04 Dec
How To Miss Opportunities Overseas

How To Miss Opportunities Overseas

“Where will people buy their groceries?” That was the first question one of the civil engineers we engaged asked at the very beginning of the planning for our residential development on the Azuero Sunset Coast of Panama—Los Islotes. She had never been to this part of the country, but she knew it didn’t have much, [...]
12 Dec
people celebrating at a concert

The Real Secret To Our Success Investing Overseas (Hint: It’s Trust)

Even I… a woman who really prefers to do things for herself and by herself… have learned an important lesson: Life the way we live it is much easier with help. For Lief and me, life can be complicated. Our constant priority is diversification. This is both a risk-aversion strategy and a personal preference. We […]

15 Aug
Latin America is full of property markets that offer much upside.

How Old Stereotypes Can Lead To Property Investing Profits

Since 2001, I’ve picked some of the world’s best places to live… places that stood out because of their fantastic lifestyle, rich culture, and low cost of living. Walking the cobblestones of Spanish colonial cities… enjoying the convenient city living in a world capital… enjoying the world’s best weather… and beachfront living on a tropical […]

11 Aug
The High Cost Of Being An American

Are Today’s Americans Really Living In The Land Of The Free?

As I sat in the Panama City departure lounge last Saturday, I watched as the female security agent’s hands ran briefly over the breasts of a 30-something traveler, making sure that the traveler had no weapon in her bra. Apparently finding nothing but the breasts themselves, the agent allowed the woman to pass. The next […]