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30 May
Woman giving cash money to male customer

Structuring Cash Deposits Is Illegal

Structures Versus Structuring The IRS was in the news a while ago for confiscating the bank accounts of small businesses operating mostly on a cash basis. One restaurant owner had her bank account frozen by the IRS. She had US$33,000 in the account, which represented the entirety of her operating capital. Effectively, the IRS put her out [...]
30 Jul
buying real estate overseas

Holding and Owning Real Estate Overseas

Example: Croatia Croatia was a good example of this a decade ago, before this country joined the EU. Back then (which is when I invested here), Croatia imposed a restriction on the foreign purchase of real estate… a form of reciprocity. For you to be able to buy property in Croatia, Croatians had to be […]

12 Mar
The Trouble With Offshore Tax Pros

Tax Obligations Of Americans Diversifying Offshore

The tax questions are coming in fast and furious from U.S. readers as they and their tax-preparers pull together 2014 tax returns (due April 15 unless you are residing overseas or file for an extension). Some of the bad advice readers are getting from their tax “pros” would be funny if it weren’t so expensive. […]

17 Nov
How To Find The Right Resources And Advisors Offshore

How To Find The Right Resources And Advisors Offshore

The doctor I found was part of the health insurance plan that I had recently signed up for. He was listed as a primary care physician, but his specialty was cardiology. On my first visit for an annual checkup, the first thing the guy did was hook me up to some electrodes to check my […]

25 Sep
How To Structure The Purchase Of Real Estate Overseas

How To Structure The Purchase Of Real Estate Overseas

A consulting client came into our office yesterday to ask me some questions about how to structure property investments he’s making in Panama and Colombia. This client has been working with attorneys in both of these countries as well as in the country where he set up his LLC, but he wanted to make sure […]

18 Mar
Hands pointing at a map

How To Create Your Own Offshore Plan

“A partner and I built an Internet business, then sold it about a year ago. Suddenly, I had some real money, and I thought I should get serious about what to do with it…where to put it.” The young man went on to explain that he attended an international money conference, where he met an […]