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04 Mar
A Mediterranean landscape. Mountains near town Perast, Kotor Bay Montenegro

Luxury European Homes For Under $155k

At last year’s International Property Summit in Panama, one attendee asked me what gets me excited about real estate at this point after 25 years of investing in real estate overseas. I didn’t have a good answer. Honestly, I’m a real estate junkie. Even when I’m on vacation, I stop and look in real estate [...]
04 Jan
Aerial view of Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece

5 Undervalued Places To Buy Abroad

High prices, a high mortgage rate, and dwindling supply… Prospective homebuyers in the United States face a near-impossible situation, and home sales are suffering as a result. They’re at their lowest levels in 13 years. Instead of waiting on a frozen market to thaw, those interested in buying property for lifestyle or investment should look [...]
17 Jan
Skyview of Manila, Philippines

7 Emerging Markets In 2022 For Offshore Diversification

If you aren’t taking at least some of your profits out of the U.S. stock market and putting it into real estate overseas, you’re not paying attention. The question isn’t whether to diversify beyond U.S. markets and specifically beyond U.S. stocks… it’s where, specifically, you should be placing those gains. Where am I focused this […]

10 Jan
Skyline of Manila City and Manila Bay

The Best Property Markets For Investment In 2022

World’s Top Property Markets For 2022 It's a new year of real estate investing, and after a crisis-filled 2021, there is plenty of opportunity available around the globe right now. Indeed, there are fantastic deals out there... but only if you know where to look. Today's issue introduces you to the six best property markets [...]

The 8 Best Economic Citizenship Programs That Will Be Your Pass To A Second Residency

Special Report: World’s Top 8 Second Passport Programs The term “economic citizenship” refers to a passive, one-time investment in a country that leads to citizenship and a second passport. In the 1990s, several countries offered buy-a-passport programs—officially known as Citizenship By Investment Programs, or CIPs—that became corrupted and eventually discontinued because citizens carrying those passports [...]
06 Jun
View of the blue Mediterranean from Greece

7 Best Countries To Qualify For Residency Overseas

My 7 Top Second Passport Picks The American interested in establishing residency or citizenship in Europe has more options today than ever in history, depending on how much time and money you're looking to spend to achieve the objective. If you have the budget, for example, you could make a 250,000-euro donation to the arts [...]