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26 Jun
Panama City, Panama skyline at sunset

The Top Investments In Panama Revealed

Why Panama Is Not Like Dubai My friend, José Bern—one of the top real estate developers in Panama—was once asked by ABC News, “Is Panama City the Dubai of Latin America?” José’s response was revealing… Panama City is certainly an economic powerhouse… the “Hub of the Americas,” they call it… it’s been compared not only [...]
21 Dec
Hydroponics plantation farm, lettuce.

Hydroponic Farming—The One Investment You Simply Need To Have

The stock market continues in record high territory. There will be a correction… very soon. More than 6 million people in the U.S. are collecting unemployment benefits compared to less than 2 million people this time last year. Many of those lost jobs are not going to return. The disconnect between what’s happening in the […]

20 Jul
pin about to burst a baloon that says dot com

Are We In Another Dot-Com Bubble?

Reality Check—What's Going On With The Market Right Now? With the stock market seemingly unstoppable, investors, including me, can't help but wonder… Are we in a bubble? And considering that most of the gains are coming from the Big Tech names like Facebook, Apple, NVIDIA, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Netflix, collectively known as the FANGMAN [...]
15 Nov
A man in a suit holding graphs

Volatility Is Your Friend—Here’s How To Profit From It

Your Best Strategies For A Volatile Market Turbulent times are upon us. Volatility has returned to the financial markets with a vengeance and finding opportunities to profit is now much harder than it was just a few years ago. Five years ago, you could have created a portfolio of random blue-chip stocks and been positioned [...]