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01 Aug
Roasted Chicken Index

Cost of Living: Roasted Chicken in Paris, Panama And Rural Illinois.

Lief Simon’s Roasted Chicken Index The U.S. dollar hasn’t been this strong in 20 years. It’s reached near parity with the euro… and has been pounding the pound since the beginning of the pandemic. What Happened To The Demise Of The Dollar? What happened to the demise of the dollar? The U.S. dollar remains the [...]
14 Nov
preparing for market crash

How To Prepare For A Market Crash If The Euro Collapses?

The euro has been bashed since its inception. Now, Hungary’s central bank governor is promoting the idea of European countries being allowed to walk away from it. Hungary is meant to adopt the euro… but its leading banker has cold feet. György Matolcsy says it’s time for all Europe to admit that the euro was a […]