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11 Mar
Porto, Portugal

Why Portugal

Europe is comprised of 51 countries, and the EU includes 27. Among these, Portugal is one of the best options for anyone looking for a place to live, to invest, or to formulate a Plan B in Europe. Last year the country made headlines for enacting policy changes that impacted its desirability as a retirement [...]
15 Feb

The Biggest Year Of Voting In Global History

In 1789, Founding Father Benjamin Franklin wrote a letter to French physicist Jean-Baptiste Leroy. It contained a line that outlived both men and will likely still be around when you and I are long gone… “The only two certainties in life are death and taxes.” Now, far be it from me to factcheck The First [...]
09 Nov
Puente de Piedra, Logroño, Spain

11% Yields In Spanish Wine Country

We could debate the best country in Europe on several counts, such as natural beauty, economics, doing business, or investing in properties… But Spain can’t be matched for lifestyle. With its amazing food and wine culture, laid-back ambiance, and warm weather, you’ll find no other country quite like it. And there’s no better place to enjoy [...]
16 Mar
Silicon Valley Bank logo at their headquarters

What The Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Teaches Us About Diversification

VIDEO: 2008 Again? Is 2023 turning into another 2008? History repeating itself, 15 years later? I'm sure you've been watching the news... After three banks collapsed in one week in America—including the second and third-largest banking failures in U.S. history (Silicon Valley Bank and Signature)—the FDIC and the Biden administration stepped in, guaranteeing deposits even [...]