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18 Apr
businessman at the airport. Man with luggage

Protect Yourself From This Fatal Mistake

When Benjmain Franklin wrote, “…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes” few could argue his position. Today, however, it’s a different story and alas it’s not taxes that are in doubt but rather one’s own existence… or lack thereof. You see Mr Franklin lived and died long before [...]
04 Apr
Landscape scenery of road by the lough inagh with mountains in the background at Connemara National park in county Galway, Ireland

What Is Your Deal-Breaker?

It’s becoming harder and harder to determine what is the First World and what is—to use the politically correct term—the developing world. I spent time working in the developing world in the mid-‘90s. Chad might not have even been considered developing when I was there. The capital city N’Djamena had an international airport but not [...]
26 Feb
aucasian man holds some black truffles while two dogs are smelling them.

Your Invitation To Beat Wall Street

One sunny summer afternoon in 2012 I had the most expensive lunch of my life. Kathleen, the kids, and I were taking a driving tour through Italy, Austria, and Croatia. The Croatia leg was to check on the old stone house we own in Istria. We arrived in the nearest town, Livade, around lunchtime. Livade is a tiny place with a big claim to fame: this is the center of Croatia’s truffle region. Walking through the lobby of the town’s only restaurant we saw, in a glass case, an enormous bronze [...]
25 Jan
Washington DC Capitol dome detail with waving american flag

Who I’m Voting For In 2024

For many people, the New Year’s Eve hangover had barely passed when the real headache of 2024 began to kick in… First it was the Iowa caucuses, then this week’s New Hampshire primary, and now we’re barreling towards the South Carolina showdowns. 2024 has been dubbed the biggest election year in history by The Economist, [...]
22 Jan
Paradise beach in Placencia, tropical coast of Belize, Caribbean Sea, Central America

What I Found At “Pleasant Point”

Driving down the peninsula on smooth roads baked by the tropical sun, it suddenly struck me that I hadn’t been to Placencia in southern Belize in nearly 10 years. As I came closer to the end of my journey, there I was, stunned by what I found. High-quality developments, great restaurants, a friendly atmosphere that [...]
17 Aug
Panama City, Panama. offshore tips

Video Reveals “Secret” Offshore Tips

You’re running out of time. If you want to join me… and my top contacts in banking, residency, and investment overseas… There’s not much time left to book your spot at my Offshore Wealth Summit, taking place on Sept. 20 to 22 in Panama City. (Watch my video where I reveal the “Secret Strategies” you’ll [...]
14 Jan
Running offshore laptop business while on the beach

Why Offshore Investments Have Real Benefits

Traveling in the United States over the holidays I was reminded, as I always am, that that country is one of the easiest places in the world to live and spend time. You might wonder, therefore, understandably: Why do anything offshore in the first place? Easier, surely, just to stay put. Overregulation, overreach, invasions of […]

10 Dec
The Importance Of Diversifying Out Of The U.S. Dollar And U.S. Markets

The Importance Of Diversifying Out Of The U.S. Dollar And U.S. Markets

An attendee at my Offshore Summit last month told me that, while he has traveled all over the globe and has friends in many different cities around the world, he had never, until last month’s event, considered buying real estate in another country. Despite this, he has what, until that point, he has considered a well-diversified investment […]